How to Turn Your Cell Phone into a Pocket Arcade!

Greetings Blue Dots! Has your mom sold your PlayStation at a yard sale? Well no worries, if you bought one of our refurbished newer Android phones, you won’t need it anymore! Your friend and guru of all things Android is going to teach you how to take all your old game discs and jam them into you phone’s micro SD card. Time may be of the essence though, as the realm of video game emulation seems to be a gray area for developers in the Android Market.

Well, first thing you’ll need to do is find your favorite PlayStation game. Let’s just go ahead and assume it’s Bubsy 3D. Insert Bubsy 3D into your computer’s disc drive. Next, go to this website. That link is a download for a program called ImgBurn, a free disc ripping program. You’ll want to install and open that program up then click on the button that reads “Create image file from disc”. There will be a drop down Menu that you can choose the drive you inserted Bubsy 3D into. Below that will be a Destination Header. Click on the “Browse for File” button to tell your computer where you’d like to save the file, then click that green triangle and go reward yourself with a plate of nachos.

When you’ve consumed no less than half a bag of reconstituted corn meal and processed cheddar, your disc will have successfully been “ripped” or copied to your computer. Now you’ll want to pop on over to the Android Market and shell out some cash. Don’t worry, the nachos will have cost more than the app will.

 This is FPse, a very powerful PlayStation emulator. An emulator is a program that uses software to behave like the hardware of this system. Alright, now let’s go back to the computer and download another file. Google this file, “scph1001.bin”,  and download it.  Now, go ahead and plug your phone into your computer and put it in USB storage mode. Make a folder in your SD card called, “PSGames” or “Roms” or “AndroidMonkeyiscool”. Take your Bubsy 3D iso file that we made earlier and place it in that folder along with that scph1001.bin file you downloaded.

Now you have to disconnect all that nonsense, and open the FPse app on your phone. It will ask you to point it to the scph1001.bin file, just navigate to that folder we just made. It will take you to the main page, on the bottom you’ll see a load disc button. You probably guessed that you’ll click that to find the Bubsy 3D rip you made earlier. Just like that, BOOM, your phone, be it a used or refurbished cell phone, is now a portable PlayStation. Don’t worry if your phone is all touch screen, there are on screen controls if you don’t have a physical keyboard.

Enjoy reliving all your favorite games while you can. It seems that a number of developers who are designing apps like this are having them pulled from the Android Market. The area is a murky area when it comes to the legality of it since many people will download games they have not purchased. Several other emulators in the past have been removed, none for the Playstation have at this time though, so for the time being you are in the clear.

So let’s recap. Rip your game, Download the App, save game to SD card, and then read my previous article on how to extend battery life, since we all know you’ll want to play Bubsy 3D for the next 10-12 hours straight. Well, that’s all for me this week kids.

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