How to use RSS Feeds and iGoogle To Make Your Digital Life Easier

iGoogle3This post is for our friends who need to catch up with technology. Judging from several conversations I’ve had this week, the general public is not aware of what an RSS feed is or does, which is sad for us as we hope that everyone signs up with our feed in order to effortlessly follow along with our updates.

Basically, signing up for an RSS feed (which usually has an orange icon with the little wireless symbol in it  (as is seen at the top of our column to the right) enables our blog to automatically send each update to you via whichever of the several available methods you choose. The benefit of RSS feeds is that you don’t have to actually go to all of the blogs/sites that interest you everyday to see what’s happening. Instead, their updates come to you, which is great because you don’t have to waste time checking sites that haven’t updated anything in a few days.

Don’t like getting lots of updates sent to your email account? Me either. That’s why you need to sign up for iGoogle. iGoogle is a digital dashboard (which you should make your homepage) that manages all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as your Gmail account and RSS feeds. You can customize your iGoogle page to your liking so when you sign on, you get to see all of your updates from all of your different accounts in one place. It’s awesome, trust me.

Ok, so now you have iGoogle. The next time you are at a blog or a website that you find yourself visiting frequently, sign up for their RSS feed. When you click to sign up, it will ask you how you want to receive the updates, and you can now click to receive via Google/iGoogle. Signing up for a site’s RSS feed really means a lot for the website as it tells Google that their content is so good, you want it sent to you every time it’s updated, so be sure to sign up for all of your friends RSS feeds (and ours of course!).

Enjoy iGoogle. Class dismissed.

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