HTC and Facebook Partner Up to Make… Something

Facebook has dipped its toes into the cellphone world already, but most people actually don’t know it. A while back Facebook claimed it was working on its very own phone, dedicated to phone calls and, well, Facebook. These plans seemed to have fallen through as no word of such a phone has come out of the woodwork since then. But now it seems Facebook has chosen HTC to make their Facebook phone for them. So… what does this mean exactly and what should we expect from such a phone?

So far we know the phone will be Android based, but most likely HTC and Facebook will heavily reprogram the operating system to fully integrate Facebook into every nook and cranny. The thing is, Google has already done this with Google+, their own social network service. Though I prefer Google+ to Facebook, I also know that Google+ may have already failed as it is almost always deserted while Facebook is heavily populated. Regardless, They’ll most likely cannibalize the operating system to attempt to remove any and all traces of Google+. Will this alienate Google in the long run? HTC was the big winner this past 3rd quarter thanks to its Android line and this may be a bit of a risk for them as a company, as well as Facebook.

But do we need this at all? Apple iPhones, all Android phones, Blackberry phones and Windows 7 phones already integrate Facebook nicely, why would we need a phone that could, potentially, only give us Facebook? Why limit our choices in apps? This is all hearsay as not many details have been released on this phones future, but if it runs just as loosely as Facebook does (with late updates and constant privacy violations) I don’t know if anyone will want it. Facebook is used by millions of people, and although that is impressive, everyone knows Facebooks’ security and programming record. With that said, I have my doubts that this phone will be even remotely successful, and that can be a heavy hit to HTC’s business. Not to mention why the first Facebook phone may have failed, which you can read more about in Gizmodo’s article.

Only time will tell if this phone will be a flop, or a huge success. But with many people in the phone business already predicting doom and gloom, it doesn’t look good for HTC or Facebook. You can purchase Smart phones that run Facebook on Android, iPhones or Blackberrys on our store at or trade in your old and used phones at

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