iPhone 4 Trade-ins Sky Rocket in Anticipation for iPhone 5

So how is everyone liking their new iPhone 5′s? Oh? They’re not out yet? Well that’s not stopping the sudden spike (some as high as 85%) of iPhone 4 trade-ins to all phone refurbishing companies. Everyone is anticipating the official announcement of the iPhone 5, by Apple, this coming October. With this being the longest lull in iPhone additions, it seems many people just can’t wait to upgrade. But why trade in now? Why not wait until the iPhone 5 actually comes out? And what does this mean for people who don’t mind having the previous addition of the iPhone?

When it comes to why people may be trading in their iPhone 4′s it may simply be anticipating the price drop. This isn’t always true, and once the iphone 5 is announced the trade-in price for the iPhone 4 will remain stable for a little bit. But this is great news for other people!

How is this great news? Well, with so many iPhone 4 trade-ins coming in, that means there will be more used and refurbished iPhone 4′s for people not worried about being current on everything. The iPhones work perfectly, and considering their price when new, most are taken care of like they’re gold! So when someone with an iPhone 3 wants to finally upgrade, they have a great, cheaper option than jumping the hype wagon and getting the new 5′s. In fact, if you’re interested in an iPhone 4 they are available now at our online store at TheBlueDot.

So what kind of improvements should Apple fans expect with the upcoming iPhone 5? Of course, no official announcements have been made until October 5th, but even before that date there is news of manufacturing problems. That won’t stop the unprecedented demand obviously. But what are fans expecting? After scouring the web and digging through a few forums it seems most fans want five very important things.

One of those things is better connectivity. The iPhone 4 didn’t have much of a problem connecting, but in the world of technology there is always room for improvement. Along with better connectivity is a larger screen. Most Apple fans anticipate this because of the release, and success, of the iPad and iPad 2. With better connectivity customers will want to be able to watch movies and tv shows easily and with a bigger screen that just makes it even easier. Not to mention better resolution. Cameras have also become synonymous with cell phones. Nothing gets missed, as evident by the number of youtube videos, with cell phone cameras. So most fans are begging for a better camera for video and pictures. The iPhone 4′s camera was great, with many options and great video resolution.  But, again, with technology things just get better and better.

This is all simply speculation at this point. Apple is notorious for keeping secrets, especially the last few weeks before the big announcement. At the moment, only glimpses of the iPhone 5 case has been revealed, and even those are questionable at best. Two things we can be sure of though is that the iPhone 5 will create lines of people outside every Apple store. The second thing we know is that people perfectly happy with getting an iPhone 4 will have great deals available to them before and after it’s official announcement.

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