iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry, Who’s Better?

Now that I grabbed you with that headline let me say that this isn’t a true versus match. I won’t say who is “wins” or who I think should just give up and go home. No, this is more of a “who is better at this, as oppose to this company being better at this”. Each of these OS’s have their strength and weaknesses, this is just me having a jab at each of them and seeing what they’re best at. So lets get start shall we?


I’m going to start with the OS I know best. Android has come a long way since its troubled ugly beginnings and it has learned a lot. Perhaps it’s greatest strength is the improvements it has made in such little time. As oppose to RIM or Apple, Google gives their OS out to just about anyone who wants it. It’s hard to keep track of how many new Android phones come out each year. Each phone touts some new feature or improvement giving Android more adaptability when it comes to what the other companies do. Now with Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner, showing some pretty awesome updates to the entire OS, its clear that Google may not have had the smoothest beginnings, but it certainly has a great future in mind. Androids one weakness is it’s greatest strength, innovation. By the time your new Android is half a year old, it is already out of date compared to it’s relatives. Give it one more year and it begins to miss out on OS updates. Something my Droid X is already seeing with Ice Cream Sandwich… or not seeing.


Once the only smart phone anyone would even glance at, the Blackberry has had a bit of a rough patch lately. With so much competition coming into the woodwork in such short amount of time, RIM may have been unaccustomed to reacting quick enough to stay at the top. But it strives on as a strong business smart phone. Emails, documents, and business calls is what this phone does best, and it does it very very well. It has always had that strong professional look, even on it’s polarizing Storm line. It took a bit of doing, but Blackberry is a much stronger competitor now that it has embraced more modern smart phone features like the Touch Screen. I really do admire their attempt at making the screen a large button on the Storm, though the first wasn’t perfect. It gave the older generation something to jump into when so many QWERTY keyboards are beginning to vanish.


Without Apple, smart phones may still be something only business people would want or need. Apple brought the smart phone to the general public and did so with their strong marketing and stronger fan following. The beginnings of the iPhone weren’t perfect though, many unhappy with AT&T as a service provider. But now that iPhones can be found on almost all carriers the consumer has more of a choice. The outside design as barely changed, as well as the overall OS, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. It works, it looks good and if sales numbers have anything to say about it, it sells. The iPhone’s weakness is its one phone a year innovations, but each phone comes out strong with few problems. I am not a huge fan of Apple, mostly for their inflated prices on computers with two year old hardware, but I can’t deny their impact on the smart phone world.


Considered, for sometime, the ugly stepchild of the smart phone OS’s, Windows phones have come a long way. With the latest update, Mango, it has seen significant improvement in function, which is to say it finally functions. It’s strong integration with their computer OS and your Xbox Live account makes it enticing for those strong Windows fans out there. But if the OS isn’t supported by equally strong phones it has a dim future. That future looks stronger now thanks to the Mango update, but only time will truly tell. I always liked the look of the Windows OS interface but it’s greatest weakness is it’s slow to keep up software updates. That may have changed with Mango, but it will take a bit more to convince me to switch from my beloved Droid.


As an avid Android user, in my mind, the Droid OS is the best for it’s multiple choices in phones and constant innovation. But it always comes down to what the consumer wants. If you like the Android OS, get an android. If you like the iOS and own some apple merchandise already, get an iPhone. If you are the business type and are already comfortable with blackberry, why switch? And if you’re willing to take a dive into the unknown but getting much better? Go out and try out the Windows phones. I suggest trying every single type of phone before making a choice, never trust what others say, because it will be your phone for two or more years, so you better be comfortable with it. You can get all of these types of phones at www.thebluedot.net or trade in your old and used phones at www.thebluedot.net/tradein as well as friend us on facebook at www.facebook.com/followthebluedot for news on coupons, contest and more!

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