Is Your Cell Phone Making You Sick?

Have you been feeling under the weather recently? Maybe it’s your allergies, maybe its flu season, or maybe it is something in your pocket. A recent study out of Stanford has provided some unnerving details about the cleanliness of your cell phone.

The study suggests that used cellular phones or any cell phone being used for that matter can contain up to 18 times as many germs as the handle of a toilet. Further, it suggests that iPhones, iPads, certain types of Androids Blackberrys, and SmartPhones, or anything with a touch screen can be even worse. Up to 30% of the germs on a touchscreen can be transmitted to your fingers each time you touch. Proceeding to touch your mouth, face, or food can then allow these germs to enter your system.

Dr. Bruce Krieger, from Memorial Hospital in Florida says it isn’t your hands and your germs you should be worried about. More, it is others touching your phone. He continues to explain that if you would like to show someone pictures or videos on your phone to consider the possibilities of what else they may have touched and what germs they have contracted.

But what can someone do to protect themselves from the cell phone germs. First, as with any germs, wash your hands and use antibacterial hand sanitizers throughout the day. In addition, specialized sanitation wipes can be purchased from electronic stores to rid your device of the harmful bacteria.

If that doesn’t ease your worries, you can go one step further in your attempt to live germ free.  A company called Violight has released a cell phone sanitizer that uses UV light to kill the bacteria. Violight has clinically proven that their device kills 99.9% of germs. It uses three AA batteries and costs only $50. UV Light technology has been used in hospitals to decrease the number of Strep, E. Coli, Salmonella, and H1N1 germs.

Not everyone is convinced that the new hoopla about cell phone germs is necessary. According to NorthWest Cable News, University of Washington Environmental Health Professor Marilyn Roberts says she is not afraid because “…germs are everywhere, there’s bacteria everywhere.” She continues to explain how most germs and bacteria are actually beneficial to people. They help process the foods we eat as well as aiding in fighting off the more dangerous germs.

Regardless of if these germs are harmful; the study provides a stern reminder of the importance of personal cleanliness. Wash your hands, get your flu shots, and be careful what you touch! For any previously used cell phones, there will be germs. Just make sure you regularly clean your phone to avoid any unwanted germs.

Sources: Stanford SCOPE | NWCN

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