January Winner of Resellerratings.com Contest!

Refurbished cell phoneIt’s been far too long since we had our last Resellerratings.com contest and it’s about time it was revived! So this month’s winner is MamaSon11, who purchased a Samsung Rogue Refurbished cell phone from us back in November. Take a look at what she said about TheBlueDot.net after the break!

Check out what MamaSon11 said about our customer service in regards to her refurbished cell phone!

i have worked with many cellular merchants as i have 8 kids, including 4 teens. we need our cell phones to function well and look good! my teens are picky. blue dot has fulfilled their promise to guarantee each one. they are very experienced with activation issues, courteous and respectful when problems arise. i will use the blue dot again and again!

How You Can Win After Purchasing a Refurbished Cell Phone!

Thanks so much for the kind and helpful words! We pick a random person every month who left us feedback on Resellerratings.com. We pick from a whole year of feedback, so if you didn’t win this month, don’t worry, you might be chosen any month for the next year! Mamason11 won a Plantronics M100 Bluetooth headset valued at $60. Next month we’ll be picking another random winner and another great prize! You can keep updated on all the latest in contests, news and coupons by liking us on Facebook. Next time you’re looking for a refurbished cell phone, stop on by TheBlueDot.net and don’t forget to leave us feedback on Resellerratings.com for your chance to win!

Don’t worry about when you ordered though, we look back through our entire history to pick winners at random. So if you didn’t win this month, you have a chance to  win every month until you win! Winning is the only way to disqualify yourself from future resellerratings.com contests… Of course you could purchase another refurbished cell phone, which enters you again!

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