Kinect’s Nosy Cousin Wants to Watch You Paint on Walls

Ah prototypes, they can sometimes be really really cool devices that will never see the light of day, then there is this… I don’t know what to make of this. Microsoft, probably using some of the tech they used with the Xbox Kinect, is showing off a prototype of their “OmniTouch” projection interface. It tracks depth with short range depth camera and projects images onto any surface, be it your hand or your kitchen wall. The way they showed it off was by having it attached to someones left shoulder and projecting on that persons arm, notebook or wall right in front of them. The thing I find interesting is that I would see this as being more useful on someones wall at home, or their home theater system. Think of having your end table beside your couch as your remote, projected from the ceiling. It could show you updates on sports, weather and control your entire entertainment system. Instead they screwed it to some woman’s shoulder, but that’s cool too.

If they manage to make it small enough to fit on your ear, like a bluetooth device, it would be interesting to make phone calls with ones hand or anything really. No more scrambling into your pocket or purse for your phone. Just put your hand in front of you and answer away. though this could be a problem while driving. Though this would be perfect in a restaurant for high tech servers. It’s still a prototype so we can give it a break. They mostly showed off it’s abilities to track finger movement and touch on any surface, as well as it’s ability to gauge the angle of an object in front of you. Perhaps there is a company out there already scrambling to get their hands on this technology. I can’t wait to see what they may come up with.


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