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Used cell phoneHave you seen Microsoft lately? That nerdy guy in the corner with the glasses and ill-fitted clothing? Well, he started working out and he’s lookin’ mighty fine. Microsoft has always been the weird step child in anything fashionable when it comes to Tech. You have Apple, owning the whole sleek universal look, while Microsoft just struggles to look cool. The Zune is a big example of one of it’s failed attempts at the “cool” factor, but this past week they revealed things that showed that it may have finally figured it all out.

Microsoft Surface, it’s old name for it’s touch screen table, is it’s name for their new sexy tablet. The surface is a part of something they have been building on all year, connectivity. That is a word you have probably heard a lot in the past, involving things like WiFi and Bluetooth. This is sort of the same idea, except they want everything to connect, regardless of who made it and what operating system it uses, if the device is a new cell phone or a used cell phone. But back to their tablet, something Microsoft has never been super strong at.

What made this tablet exciting was it’s capability to be a laptop, but still be a sleek tablet at the same time. The name of the game here is Ease. With Microsoft pushing their new Windows 8 operating system it is obvious they are

used cell phone

Look at that beautiful kickstand!

going for a more simplified interface, and they want all their devices to match up. For instance, a tablet’s screen will look exactly like your desktop, or even your windows 8 phone. The new Windows tablet, called “Surface” can easily turn into a tablet by simply popping out the seamless stand on the back and placing it it’s super thin keyboard, which comes in multiple colors. Everything is ultra thin, so storage won’t be a problem, and I absolutely love how the stand comes out of the tablet. When the stand is closed you wouldn’t even know it was there unless someone told you.

I mentioned “Smart glass” in another article and this tablet, along with Windows 8, really pushes that full connection attitude Smart Glass was showing off. They want you to be able to transfer from one device to another with no problems. Watching a movie on your tablet and, now that the TV is free, you want to continue to watch it on the big screen? No problem, Smart glass and Windows 8 is built to make the transition almost instant and continue to play that movie where you left it.

All of this is really exciting because this ushers in a new age of device management and blurs the lines of what is a cell phone, tablet, TV and laptop. Devices are beginning to merge or, at the very least, feel like one seamless network of devices working for you. I am a bit surprised Microsoft is the one leading the way on this, and I am even more excited to see what Apple may do in response. So far the only thing everyone is looking towards with Apple is the iPhone 5, but what will make that phone special, and what do they have hidden up their sleeves in response to Smart Glass and Surface? We’ll probably find all this out later this year.

Source: Engadget

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