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DroidSince its recent release, the device that many are hailing as the newest “iPhone killer,” the Motorola Droid, has been getting some great reviews. If you haven’t already been moved to research the device from Motorola’s suspenseful ad-campaign for the Droid, the Droid is the newest smart phone from Motorola (on Verizion), and it is powered by Google’s Android 2.0 software. Apple’s iPhone has surely set the standard of what smart phones should do but if anyone can de-throne them, we’d put our money on Google.

The first thing that many hands on reviews of the device have reported is that it instantly feels very quick. Browsing menus and switching between applications is really fast, and it’s clear that the Android 2.0 platform is a big step up from its predecessors. In combination with its snappy processor, the Droid’s gigantic 3.7-inch display, containing over 400,000 pixels, makes web browsing easier than it has ever been. The impressive screen also displays impressive pictures from the Droids 5 mega-pixel camera, which has flash, zoom, and auto-focus. The Droid also records video of incredible quality as is shown in the review at engadget.Droid 2

Because the Droid runs Google’s Android software, it comes with Google Maps and Google’s navigation, built in and for free. The voice guided navigation looks really impressive and should definitely save you from having to buy a stand-alone navigation system. Motorola is offering a suction-cup window cradle for the Droid, which contains magnets allowing the Droid to automatically convert to Navigation Mode.

Another cool accessory for the Droid is the alarm clock cradle. When you insert the Droid into the cradle, the units combine to form a really nice looking alarm clock. If you’re like me, you use your phone as your alarm clock anyway, so this just makes it easier and more stylish.

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The Droid also includes a 550MHz Texas Instruments OMAP3430 processor, separate PowerVR GPU, 256MB of RAM, CDMA Rev A., Wi-Fi, GPS, a digital magnetometer, accelerometer, proximity sensors, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash, notification LED, four touch-sensitive navigation buttons, a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard, 3.5mm headset jack, and a microUSB port.

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  • motorola android

    We at Motorola Android think the Motorola Droid is great!


    Wow, 200$ is a awesome price. I am from europe and it here will be more like 450 Euro. Dont really like the keyboard though.

  • dsi r4

    Pros: It does everything well. Touch screen is “finger friendly” unlike a Windows smart phone.

  • reiner


  • Mobile Suppliers

    Motorola Android is an fantastic product.But i think that demand of the Touch screen cells is increasing day by day,why not Motorola is launching the ANDROID in the asia pacfic because there is add campaign Motorola has introduced in this region

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  • MAN

    I find Android lousy and will return it. The stupidity of the engineering is beyond belief to me. Doesn’t provide voice command with a bluetooth. No speed dialing. Doesn’t always hang up if the other party disconnects. Quality of voice carry is marginal which is reportedly why they had to go to version 2 of the software and it’s still dicey. Blacks out to save power when you put it to your ear, but doesn’t always reappear when you put it back down, so if you need to punch in, say, an extension number you’re left hanging. Hang up and you get your phone log instead of the dial pad for the next call. Speaking of which I’m told it works on fingertip heat, so in the Winter I imagine it will be totally unresponsive, rather than occasionally so as now. Email? If you have a bunch on your server it tries to load them all after you get through the first two dozen or so, which means that the phone locks up and can’t get any more. I could go on, but I’ve had enough. I’m going back to a regular flip phone – at least that’s a phone that works even if I can’t get my latest emails. I say avoid the droid.

  • Ivonne

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I’ll get my Motorola Android on my next visit to the nearest shop. It’s the ultimate must-have gadget.

  • Hüpfburg

    Thanks for your review. I like it!

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