New Blackberry Apps Review

blackberry-app-worldBlackberry App World is constantly offering new apps for your Blackberry cell phone, and we like to take the time to review a few of the newer ones. If you use any of these apps, please let us know what you think of them in the comments section.

TiVo(R) DVR Scheduler App– If you’ve ever felt the stabbing pain of frustration from forgetting to set your TiVo before you left the house, fear not as this app will never allow it to happen again. The TiVo app basically turns your Blackberry into your TiVo remote control. The app looks very much like the TiVo menu that you are familiar with and you can do everything from your Blackberry from accessing your channel listings; searching for listings by title, keyword, or actor; to adding shows to your calendar. Note – if you download the app, you need to go to to register your TiVo.

No Smoking App – Personally, I’ve never been a smoker, so I can’t attest to whether or not this app works, but it seems like a good idea, and it seems pretty thorough. The app is designed to slowly wean a smoker away from their habit by first recording data about the frequency of your habit and then providing data for you to review. The app then develops a plan based on your particular data to slowly reduce the frequency of your nicotine intake until, finally, you’ve quit.  During the quitting process, the app will also provide interesting and motivating statistics about the amount of money being saved by quitting as well as health statistics. The app is ten bucks but, today, that’s basically just a pack of cigs.

Quote of the Day App – I’m a sucker for all things quotes. I find that a good quote is the easiest way for me to change my attitude or mood, instantly. This app provides you with “witty, funny, and inspirational” quotes and proverbs in order to get your day started on a positive note. If you like the quote of the day, the app allows you to email it to a friend to spread the good vibes. The only downside is that it costs four bucks.

THE Flashlight App – There are several Blackberry apps that do this, but this one has good user feedback, and it offers a free trial period. The app was also rated Top 5 BlackBerry Apps by Fortune Magazine in August 31st edition. The app turns the camera flash on your Blackberry into a flashlight, which can be really convenient. While you can manually turn the flash on your Blackberry on, the screen light will stay on and the flash will go off after a certain period of time. This app is a shortcut that allows you to turn just the flash light on with one touch, and it doesn’t use as much battery as keeping the light on manually.

Call You Back App – I’m not totally sold on this app because I’m not sure how often I would use it, but I can see how it could be a benefit to certain people. The app is designed to send pre-programmed text messages to anyone who calls you during a period when you do not wish to answer your phone. So let’s say you’re in a movie, you program the app to text anyone who calls you with something like: “Hey, I’m at a movie. I’ll call you after.” I don’t know that I really care enough to let everyone know why I don’t want to answer the phone, but it could be useful for business people who often have meetings and what not. Note – If you download the app, you need to change some settings in your Blackberry:

Options — Security options — Application permissions — modules — Call you back — edit permissions — Change the permissions of Connections (Carrier Internet & phone) & interactions to ALLOW.

The instructions can also be found in the “Help” menu of the application.

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    The biggest problem of BAW is in fact the size of blackberry’s memory for applications…. On devices like Curve you run out of “hard drive” easily after installing few space-hungry apps like Google Maps, iSkoot and facebook mobile + syncing your contacts & emails….

    I checked with RIM dudes – this memory is not extendable …. 256MB or something on Curve shared between system apps and downloadables is too small !…

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