New MagicJack Gives You Free Cell Phone Calls

I just came across this article from January, and I’m really curious to see if anyone has any new information. Apparently, the company that makes MagicJack (the little thing that plug into your computer that gives you unlimited phone calls from your house phone) is now making a similar product that allows you to make unlimited calls in your home from your new or refurbished cell phone.

After plugging the device into your computer, it recognizes any phone brought within a radius of eight feet. It then calls the phone and prompts the user to enter a short code. After that, the MagicJack recognizes that phone any time it is within a 3,000 sq. foot radius of the device and allows the phone to make unlimited calls from within that radius (that do not come off of your cell phone plan’s minutes) via VoIP. A year’s subscription for the device is reported to cost the same as the original MagicJack, which is about $40.

Obviously, several cellular providers are not happy about this product, and I’m curious to see what the current status of this new Magic Jack is. If anyone could provide any new details in the comments section, it’d be much appreciated.

The original article can be found at Digital Trends.

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