New PayPal App makes it Easy to Split the Bill

Paypal dropped a new app that lets you easily manage your account from your new or refurbished iPhone. They’ve also added a sweet new feature that allows you to send funds by simply “bumping” your phone with the phone of the person to whom you need to send money.

The scenario is this: you and a friend are out having dinner, you get the check, and your friend says something like, “Hey, I have no cash. I’ll put it on my card and you can just pay me your half.” All is good unless you also have no cash. Enter PayPal’s new app. Simply whip your iPhones out, open the apps, punch in the amount you owe your buddy, bump the phones together, and, boom, you’re all squared up.

PayPal has also included some helpful tools in the app like a tip calculator (for those who still haven’t figured out to simply move the decimal and double) and a feature that lets you calculate who owes what in situations when someone orders more than others.

For the full article, visit the NY Times

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