Nintendo Shows how Tablets may Change Gaming Forever

Android Cell PhoneNintendo is known for innovation, especially when someone looks at the Wii and see’s how the other two big console companies reacted. They both raced to have their own motion control systems, and the only survivors of this battle seems to be Nintendo and Microsoft, as Sony’s Move is viewed as a massive failure. But what’s next in Nintendo’s future? Well, E3 is this week and Nintendo unveiled the final build of their next console, the Wii U.

Yea, I’m not a fan of that name either, nor was I a fan of the laughable Wii name… Wii U just seems lazy. Regardless of my feeling on that matter, the next console is a huge leap in game development. The Wii U will work with your old Wii controllers and nun-chucks but it also comes with it’s own new controllers… tablets. The Wii U’s big shake up seems to be your own personal tablet, an odd mixture of the Nintendo DS and Wii. But what does this really mean, and why would I claim this changes the gaming world again so quickly?

There are three huge things the Wii U does that changes everything; the fact that when you play multiplayer you will have your own screen to play on, it uses inferred and is able to be a touch screen remote for your TV and

Wii U Tablet Multiplayer

You can even have your own menu on your controller while playing multiplaer

the biggest change is that you can continue to play your games on the controller screen if someone wants to use the TV. This gives the console a much more flexible use than previously seen. Nintendo has been known for their rather restrictive use, making it really hard to play online and not allowing DVD’s to play on the system. They seemed to have an idea that a gaming console should be just that, a gaming console. While Sony and, especially, Microsoft wanted their consoles to be media hubs.

The Wii U will be full HD but, just like the Wii, it will not be able to play any media discs. The thing that makes this fact not so bad is the controller can control your blu-ray or HDTV anyway. It’s just a simple press of the button and your Wii U controller can turn your other devices on and off from across the room.  Some tablets have this ability through some bluetooth trickery, while Windows phones already give you some control through your Xbox. But Nintendo has pushed this obvious step in technology to it’s final conclusion, the complete merger of tablets, console and media entertainment. It is unknown how much the Wii U will allow you to control certain devices. Theoretically any device that uses inferred should work with it, unless some systems put software into place to prevent it. Would google attempt to counter Nintendo by making Android cell phones and Tablets have more control over your home systems? Will Apple TV be killed off by this new development or is there still a place for web TV?

We’ll try to keep you updated as E3 powers on this week! The most exciting thing I want to see is Sony and Microsoft’s reaction to Nintendo’s development. Will Microsoft continue to push motion controls for their next console, if they even show it this year? Will Sony have anything to show this year? We’ll keep you all posted!

Source: Engadget

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