Now Android Owners Can Talk to Their Phone too!

Android phones are shy no more with the recent release of Cluzee, an app that is ready for download on the Android Marketplace. Cluzee is a lot like Siri in that you have full voice control over your phone. Not only does it have full voice control though, it talks to you. For example, in the demo video released, if you have a doctors appointment the app will remind you of it when it’s getting close, but it also depends on how far from the doctors office you are. If you are a good distance away it will remind you earlier, or if there is traffic it will warn you to avoid those streets and then remind you of your appointment. It’s like having an overly caring and nosey friend in your pocket!

That’s not all! You can set Cluzee to do certain tasks for you. Want it to make appointments and reservations for a big event? Cluzee can do that. Want to have your phone read you your emails and allow you to dictate responses? Cluzee can do that. Want it to update your Facebook status when you’re busy or out of town? I think you can guess by now that Cluzee can do that too. But be warned, it seems this app has been released a bit too early. Though it is free, there are numerous bugs and it’s voice commands are only so-so according to reviews on the Marketplace. You can read more about Cluzee and its press release on BGR.

The race is on to create the perfect personal assistant in the palm of your hand. “People are drowning in information overload,” said Patwa, CEO of Tronton. “We don’t need all of the information available, all of the time. We just need the right information at the right time, which Cluzee intelligently provides, making us more productive. Technology created the problem, but we’re using smarter technology to solve it.” Though some reviews say the opposite, I would give this app a try and stick with it as it develops. It is free after all, so why not?

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