The Blue Dots Top Ten Android Apps

It’s safe to say Google’s Android is no longer new to the cell phone scene, which is quite obvious by the sheer amount of apps at everyones finger tips. With so many applications available, many for free, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing which app is best for you. There are countless calender, weather and text apps out there, but which one does the job for you? Sometimes the best way to find out is to just download it yourself and give it a try, but who wants to try a dozen map apps before finding the one that you like? Well, we’re here to help narrow the search down for you! Here are our top ten Android apps available on the Droid Market place.

1. Google Maps

Sometimes the best apps are made by the very company that created the Android OS. This is one of those cases. Google Maps has, by far, the best free turn by turn directions available.  You’re able to look up traffic updates, overlay businesses (such as gas stations), update instantly when making a wrong turn and even attempts to keep you updated when losing your GPS signal. Although we would probably like another voice option for the turn by turn directions, it’s free! With so many options there isn’t much to complain about once you consider the price (or lack there of).

2. Facebook for Android

Though it is still missing some options it’s website counterpart has, this app is a must have for any social media nut. News feeds, messages and even chat are all included in this easy to use application. It loads much quicker than using facebook in your phones browser, not to mention it’s news feed is a bit more user friendly. Especially after facebooks most recent “update” to their site. Staying connected to your friends is made real easy with this app.

3. Kik Messaging

Kik isn’t just available for the Android. iPhone and even Blackberry have access to this wonderful text messaging app. But what makes this app better than the built in text messaging program? It seems like such a simple addition, but the ability to see that your message was delivered and read is amazing. Not only do you now know when someone receives your text, you also know they read it. So if you’re someplace quiet and can’t give someone a ring, you’ll know they got the message that just couldn’t wait.

4. Google Goggles

Here’s Google again with another amazing app. Recently I had a picture of a cartoon character I couldn’t quite remember. It was on the tip of my tongue and was driving me crazy. With one simple click of the Google goggles app it was able to find a picture match and tell me exactly who it was and where it was from. Goggles gives you the power of the internet in the real world, giving you the ability to search for almost anything you can get a clear picture of.

5. Reddit is Fun

Reddit’s popularity can’t be ignored, especially over this past year. So an easy to use and read application was only inevitable. Reddit is Fun is both quick, simple and easy on the eyes. Mirroring Reddit’s bare bones layout, it simply lists all the top stories currently on the front page, and more. With the ability to sign in and have your front page settings imported to this handy app, it’s the perfect time waster for moments when you’re stuck waiting somewhere for any amount of time. Be warned though, Reddit is incredibly addictive.

6. My fitness Pal

Working out is hard and dieting is even harder. My Fitness Pal is the prefect app for someone who wants to lose weight and loves graphs. Simply make an account, enter your weight and height, and your adventure begins. With it’s built in calorie counter, keeping track of what foods you eat and what foods you shouldn’t eat, couldn’t be easier. By entering your weight everyday you can keep track of what works for you. Are you working out enough? Maybe you’re eating too much on Saturdays. This app can show you that and more!

7. Craigslist Notification

Are you looking for a new job? Maybe you’re on the go and can’t be by a computer at all hours scouring the internet for jobs or sales. This craigslist app is the best in keeping track of new and old posts for anything and everything on the site. The greatest feature is its updating filter system. If you’re looking for a job with a certain pay, or specialty, you can enter keywords into a search and it will update for you the moment something new comes up. Be the first on the scene at a big sale, or be the first to hand in a resume at your next big job. This app will keep you updated and in the know when it comes to local listings. This app should also be available on the iPhone and Blackberry.

8. Swype

This app has two camps, either you love it or you hate it. Androids keyboard works well enough, but sometimes it’s just not fast enough for someone in a hurry. Swype enables the ability to… swipe, your finger along your keyboard connecting the letters and spelling out the words quickly and efficiently.  At first it can be clumsy and difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be texting faster than you ever have before. Over time the app learns your most commonly used words, such as peoples names, and includes them into the swype dictionary. I use this app everyday and can be counted into the “love” camp.

9. Youtube for Android

Technically another Google app, this app makes searching and watching youtube videos easier than ever. Androids built in browser is great for general use, but like the reddit app, youtube’s app makes using their site much easier. As long as you have 3G you can watch videos in excellent quality, or watch them in full quality by linking to a wifi. Of course, all TheBlueDot review videos can be watched on this app, which you can also watch on the iPhone and windows phones since this app is also available on those platforms.

10. Pandora

This app is available on the Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones, but that doesn’t make it any less of a must have for music lovers (or comedy lovers with the new “todays comedy” channel). It’s simplistic design makes it easy to make new channels and see the beautiful artwork of every album cover. The only feature missing in this app is the details description of the bands and their music, but this application is really meant to be listened to on the go anyway. Even if you lose signal, Pandora buffers the audio ahead of what you’re listening to. So you have a few more minutes of your song before it cuts out (subways may not be the best place to use this app).


We hope this helped narrow down your quest for the best applications the Android phones have to offer. If you don’t have an Android phone, as mentioned above, many of these applications are also available on iPhones, Windows and Blackberry phones. All of these phones are available on our online store at TheBlueDot.

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