Photoshop for Android Mobile Phones Review

Photoshop AppAdobe has recently released a free Photoshop App for mobile phones running Google’s Android software such as the new Motorola Droid. This is one of the coolest apps that I’ve seen released in a while, especially as the amount of megapixels in cell phone cameras continue to rise (the Droid comes with a legit 5 megapixel camera).

Photoshop for Android devices makes it incredibly easy to perform edits to photos on your smartphone and then upload them when you’re finished. When you open up a photo in your photo gallery, you are given the option to edit the photo. With a click, the photo opens in Photoshop, and you’re ready to start editing. At the top of the edit mode screen, there are three icons: crop, image correction and color effects, and soft focus. Under the crop icon, you can choose to crop, straighten, rotate, or flip the photo. If you click on the image correction and color effects icon, you have the ability to change the exposure, saturation, tint, or to make the photo black and white. The degree of these changes all depends on how far you slide your finger on the exposure, saturation, etc. scale. The soft focus button allows you to adjust the amount of “soft focus” that you wish to apply to the photo.Photoshop2

One of the nicest features of Photoshop for Android is that it has both an “undo” and a “redo” button, so you can make edits without fear of not being able to undo them.

Once you’ve finished editing your photos, you can upload them from your Android mobile phone directly to the account, which comes free with 2GB (roughly 1,500 pictures) of storage for all Android devices. The account makes it easy to share photos online and is a good way to back up the photos on your mobile phone. You can even add captions before uploading. Android also has the ability to upload a large amount of photos even if the Photoshop app is not running, meaning you can be doing other things on your phone while photos are uploading to your account. You can find a video demonstration of the Photoshop app for Android devices here.

  • Britney Bennett

    That’s a great idea. Nothing is better than Photoshop for editing photos, and having “Photoshop to go ” is even better.

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    That is really great. If there is photo shop option in mobile phone itself then we dont need to go foe systems.

  • buy R4i 软件

    does anyone know if this is only available in the US?

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    this will be gr88 help for designers, they can work anywhere

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