Recycling Machines Will Pay You For Your Old Cell Phones

ecoATM.jpegThis is wild. A new company called ecoATM has developed an ATM machine that pays you cash to recycle your old cell phones. In addition to buying refurbished cell phones, recycling your phone is a great way to cut down on the need for conflict components and reduce the world’s waste. These ATMs make it really easy to do your part – and they pay you!

This is how it works: You walk up to the ATM and plug your phone in via a cord attached to the machine. The machine then scans your device to determine how much it is worth and then makes you an offer. If you accept, you deposit your phone and the machine spits out your cash. The average payment from machines in San Diego is $20 per phone.

ecoATM is based out of Sand Diego but has been sending test machines to Midwest, San Diego, Boston, Dallas and Seattle. Apparently, people have been lining up to recycle their old phones. ecoATM has also secured investors, so it shouldn’t be long until you see these machines in your city.

Full Article at Reuters

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