Restore Factory Settings for a Sharp Kin Two / TwoM Phone

Here is a guide provided from the Verizon website that will allow you hard reset your Sharp Kin Two or TwoM phone to its original factory settings.

Note: We highly recommend backing up all the data prior to hard resetting your Sharp Kin Two to its factory settings. The hard reset instructions below will delete all of your existing contacts, and other data on your device.

  1. From the Home screen, swipe right.
    Step 1 Swipe Right
  2. Select Settings.
    Step 2 Select Settings
  3. Select About Your Phone.
    Step 3 Select About Your Phone
  4. Select erase phone data.
    Step 4 Select erase phone data
  5. Select ok.
    Step 5 Select Ok


Download the Sharp Kin Two User Manual

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