RIM Flirting with Several Companies

Look’s like RIM is out on the prowl as rumors have surfaced about them talking to various cell phone manufacturers. What are they talking about? Probably selling their entire brand to the highest bidder. RIM has been falling off the market pretty quickly the past few years and, if this keeps up, they may be in big trouble within the next five years, if not out of business.

The latest rumor is Microsoft and Nokia possibly making a joint bid for the dying brand. What would this mean for the Blackberry? Possibly a few things. I can only speculate but they would either use their designs with the Windows 7 OS, or use the Blackberry 10 OS on some of their phones… or both. I think the most likely of scenarios is taking the Blackberry OS completely out of the picture and throwing the up and coming Windows OS into every new Blackberry.

Windows and Nokia aren’t the only ones possibly flirting with RIM. It has been reported that Amazon has had some talks about future partnerships with RIM and their brand. This was a while ago though and with Amazon touting Android powered tablets, it is probably unlikely that deal will ever see the light of day. I surfed the web for some people in the know and some regular Joes wondering what everyone else thought. It seems universal that most folks think any company that buys RIM or the Blackberry brand should just drop the Blackberry name. Do I agree with such a sentiment?  Nah, I think there is a lot of potential in breathing new life into the Blackberry name!

Only time will tell as talks are on going between RIM and various other companies. It’s very future is in questions for the next year.

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