RIM is No More…

Blackberry 10 releaseDid I get your attention? Good, because RIM isn’t dead, just the name. RIM, creators of the Blackberry line of smartphones, has now dropped their business name for simply “Blackberry”. The change makes sense, since most people, when talking about RIM devices, reference them as Blackberry anyway. This announcement was the first of many in a big press event yesterday to celebrate Blackberry 10 release. What is Blackberry 10 and what else did they show off? Learn more after the break!


Blackberry 10 is Blackberry’s new OS that is a giant upgrade from what they had before. In an attempt to compete with Android and Apple they needed to make their OS sleeker  faster and more appealing to a wider audience. Blackberry’s failing in the past was sticking almost entirely to the business side of smartphones. In the beginning, when Blackberry was king, smartphones were considered a business only device, and in that regard they rocked. But once Apple and Google entered the smartphone world Blackberry stuck to their guns and kept their basic design the same… Which made them lose marketshare quickly and drastically.

That’s all changed with their new OS and two new sleek and powerful phones coming out next month. The Blackberry Z10 and the Blackberry Q10. The Q10 has a familiar design to the Blackberry Curve with obvious design

Blackberry Q10 revealed

The new Blackberry Q10

changes akin to an Apple device. The phone looks sharp with metallic accents, straight line work and a beautiful screen. The main frame of the device is made of stainless steel, that they claim will be almost dent proof, with a glass weave back making it very comfortable to hold and handle.

The Blackberry Z10 is Blackberry’s answer to iPhone and Android devices, with it’s sharp look and large screen it is beautiful to look at. The screen is 4.2 inches, slightly larger than the iPhone 5, with an HD display. Like almost all newer phones out there it has two cameras and records in full HD video. What really captures our attention is the new operating system! It seems to have very slick gesture controls, similar to Windows 8 desktops. By gesturing from the bottom, top and sides, you can activate different aspects of Blackberry 10. From just peeking into the Blackberry hub, to opening contacts, everything can be done with a simple flick of your thumb. Searching is improved by leaps and bounds. Lets say you want to email a friend, you can type in “email” which will bring up email, and then add your friends name in as well, for example “Email Greg”. It will then compose a new email for you with Greg already put in for “To” and ready for you to type a new message. Quite a cool upgrade for both business and personal use.

Blackberry z10

The New Blackberry Z10

Is this a new revival of the Blackberry brand? Will people sell their iPhone and Android phones in droves to buy the new Blackberry z10? It could go either way in my opinion, it will all depend on how they market it. With Alicia Keys as their Creative Director (yes I’m serious) it may be very interesting to see what Blackberry does next. If the new Blackberry 10 doesn’t help now, this may be Blackberry’s last year as a competitor in the smartphone market.

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