RIM Sacks Over Ten Percent of it’s Employees… Again

Used cell phonesIt seems RIM is making this an annual event for it’s employees… Well, I guess they won’t be employees for long. RIM, showing some pretty bad growth and continuing to lose it’s hold on any kind of cell phone market is axing over ten percent of it’s employees. The internet is buzzing with ideas on how RIM can save itself, but it’s more of what they should have done instead of what they can do. Many folks think it’s too late for anything to save the Blackberry from certain death.

So last summer RIM had to fire over 10% of it’s employees to make up for some losses, but it seems they are doing it again this summer (minus 2,000 employees) in an attempt to make them profitable again. But I don’t see that happening if they keep doing what they’re doing. The Playbook, RIM’s tablet, is dragging the company downwards even faster than their phone lines. So far, the only saving grace that is being heard online is their messanger. Blackberry Messanger is considered very secure and was one of the only way businesses would communicate wirelessly for some time. Those times may have changed though, now that Android and iPhone are on the scene, and soon Windows phones may overtake RIM in market share.

Some people have suggest that RIM should start developing Android phones, or work on apps that can be used on iOS and Android devices. Others have suggested just selling the whole brand to another company that may invigorate the Blackberry some how… Though Blackberry still has the “old business” label associated with it. Others have suggested it is just too late for RIM to recover at all. They used to be the number one smart phone company out there, dominating the business world. But once smart phones stopped being a business only device, they began loosing more and more ground.

Used Blackberry cell phones are still selling on our site, and many others, but more and more Android devices are beginning to take up shelve space while Blackberry continues to shrink. I predict that many retailed may only carry a couple RIM phones by next year, and may not carry any after ten (if RIM even exists then). I am hoping for the best though, I like a good underdog story and it would be a shame to see a company, that used to be the cutting edge, suddenly disappear.

Source: Gizmodo

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