Rumor Time: iPhone 5 Gets a Bit Taller

iphone 5 rumorWe wrote about the iPhone 5 a lot towards the end of the year, only to be a bit disappointed to see that Apple was just releasing a slightly updated version of the iPhone 4. One of the major complaints from consumers is that Apple is touting one of the smallest screens on smart phones. It seems Android phones are going the bigger is better route with examples from Motorola’s Droid Razr to Samsung’s massive Note. A decade ago smaller phones were what was in, now it’s larger and thinner for easy browsing and less squinting to read text. Now that Apple is falling a bit behind in the screen category, what can we gather from a few sneak peaks that have leaked recently?

If they are to be believed, it seems the iPhone 5 won’t be wider, but actually taller. Apple may be making their new iPhone have a widescreen like touchscreen, which is fine for film… but seems a bit awkward for a cellphone. The only thing we have on this are two parts that may have snuck out of the apple factories. One shows the front screen housing that shows how tall the screen will be, while the other shows the back housing that is the same length with a different finish than the typical iPhone. They seem to be sticking to the beveled corners and sharp edge look which is found on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Scouring the forums and comments on these articles seem to bring up more complaints than praise. Apple isn’t known for releasing screens with a workable aspect ratio for media (one of the major complaints on the iPad), andiPhone front rumor this widescreen format on this possible new phone is no different. Some folks are down with the slightly clunky design and want something a bit thinner and sleeker, others just want the same aspect ratio screen, just larger. I’m not worried though, not because I am an avid Android cell phone fan, but because Apple hasn’t steered themselves wrong when it comes to handhelds, so I doubt this one will be a failure at all.

Again, this is all still just a rumor, and for all we know these parts are simply from the prototype stage and may not even see production. All we can do is wait.


Source: Engadget

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