Samsung Increases Lead Over Apple in Smartphone Marketshare

Samsung lengthens lead over AppleIt seems nothing is slowing Samsung down after it surpassed Nokia in cellphone sales just a year ago. Samsung, who has been ahead of Apple in the smartphone marketshare, has lengthened it’s lead over the supposed smartphone giant. With the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note 2, it’s no surprise that they have had massive success. But just how much success have they been having? And what companies are biting at their heels besides Apple?

Samsungs entire company has seen a massive profits in the fourth Quarter, gaining $8.27 Billion in operating profits. That number is nothing to scoff at, especially since it is double what it was the same time a year before. Revenue is also up just over 18% from the year before. Samsung Galaxy S 3 sold over 30 million since it’s release with the Note 2 selling over 5 million. This first quarter saw a dip in sales, but with the fourth quarter having such a massive showing in profits, I doubt they have much to worry about.

The global market for cellphones increased by 1.9% last year thanks to a strong holiday season. Used and refurbished cell phones also saw a rise as more stores offer smartphones as a replacement option. In fact, feature

Hauwei's new Phablet the Ascend D2, which will dethrone the Note 2 in largest Phablet.

Hauwei’s new Phablet the Ascend D2, which will dethrone the Note 2 in largest Phablet.

phones and Smart phones are almost equal in cell phone marketshare. Other companies are starting to catch up to Apple, and possible Samsung, which include Huawei and, surprisingly, ZTE. Huawei has been gaining a massive amount of steam this past year, and is scheduled to release a phablet that will dethrone the Galaxy Note 2 as the largest phone on the market. Huawei came in with just under 5% of the market share with ZTE right behind it at 4.5%. LG, which is now struggling to get back into the top 5, was pushed out by Huawei a short time ago.

Apple holds almost 22% of the cellphone marketshare while Samsung pushes even further ahead with 29% of the market. Hauwei seems to be flexing it’s muscles by releasing a larger Phablet this year along with it’s smaller cousin called the Huawei Ascend P2, which is rumored to tout a 13MP camera! This year may be a surprising year for Apple as more companies begin catching up to their dominance by offering cheaper, bigger and more powerful devices each and every month, as Apple only releases one product every year at inflated prices. People have been willing to shell out the cash for a new iPhone, but more are selling their iPhones as months go on. What does this mean for Apples future, and will their newer iPhone, most likely showing up later this year, bring to the table?

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