Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S III Oscars Style

Well, that certainly was a big show… Samsung, the new leader in cellphone sales, just officially unveiled the next line of Galaxy S Android Smart Phones. What’s new, is this a big game changer and will Samsung continue to dominate the cellphone market with their next gen phone line? There’s lots of information to cover on all those things, but lets stick to the stuff most consumers will care about and skip over the developer information. So lets get started!

The design, although not the final US design, looks familiar. It has the beveled edges seen on all Galaxy phones with a simplified look and a screen glass flush with the edges of the device. It gives it a simplified one piece look that feels both tough and sleek. Like most smart phones coming out recently it has a front facing camera which actually has a really neat feature attached to it, which we’ll get into in a moment. The design lends itself to easy modification, which is why Samsung also took the time to show off accessories you can get along with your Galaxy S phone, ranging from charging docks and flip down screen covers.

Now on to it’s additional features. The Samsung Galaxy S III has a really neat feature I mentioned earlier involving it’s front facing camera. This feature is called SmartStay. Have you ever read a long document on your phone only to have your phone fall asleep on you? Well, SmartStay uses the front facing camera to keep track of you face and stay lite until you look away. This is an amazing bit of technology that will be really popular with folks wh oget a lot of email or read books on their smart phones.

Another cool feature is S Voice, Samsung’s answer to iPhone’s Siri. Android users have had voice controls for sometime now, though mostly limited to searching and calling. The S Voice is different in that it can wake up your Refurbished Cell Phonesphone, silence alarms, use your calender, control media volume, request songs and even snap photos. I find voice controls in a phone, a device already sitting in your hand, to be a waste of time, though snoozing an alarm via voice controls sounds intriguing on a particularly sleepy day.

One criticism about the Galaxy S III is it doesn’t sport the Super AMOLED Screen like the galaxy S II, Instead it shares more similarities with the Nexus when it comes to screen definition. This is bad news for a line known for having some of the sharpest screens around. It may not be noticable to some, but to folks already used to the Galaxy S II’s amazing screen, it will be an obvious step down in quality. In this case it may be best to get a refurbished Samsung Cell Phone  if you’re hurting for a new device. They may upgrade the device in the future like they did to the Galaxy S II.

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