Smart Phone Uses You May Have Not Thought Of

When I look back at my very first cellphone, an old Nokia with it’s green display, I think of it’s few uses it offered me. Back then, a mere ten to twelve years ago, your phone was pretty cool if it had snake or tetris pre-installed, which is kind of all you got from beginning to end. There was no app store, there wasn’t even a Verizon Get it Now application, you merely had what it came with. But now, in the golden age of the smart phone, we have thousands of choices in apps, games and uses for our phones. But what if you missed something? Something that you may have never thought of.

Board Game Apps

I love my Droid X, hasn’t done me wrong since I got it, but I have tried my best in testing it’s use since the beginning. One use I found was for table top games. Table top games can range from simple board games like Scrabble or Risk, to more complex games like Dungeons and Dragons, or Twilight Imperium (which is like Risk but far more complicated).  Well, not to sound cliche, but there’s an app for that. If you search on your smart phones app store for Dungeons and Dragons, or even Scrabble, you’ll find a multitude of apps available that can help you. One of my favorite apps is called MTG Tracker, which is a health tracker for the card game Magic the Gathering. It keeps track of your health, stats and even can organize all your cards (if you want to put in the time to put them all in there). This led me to check out other games, and there are quite a few apps out there made to help you organize games like Risk or even Chess!

Convention Apps

There is an app called Conventionist that is incredible handy for anyone going to a convention. Every year I go to a convention called PAX, which is a video game tech convention held in Boston every Spring. When the schedules are completed they are put on the app Conventionist with a full time listing, an easy to build to-do list, map of the convention center, and even alerts of up coming events.  It was much easier to flip through my phone for all the information I needed on the go instead of drag around the map they hand out at the conventions entrance.  this app works with quite a few conventions that range from flower conventions to business conventions. It’s a must have for anyone looking to organize an already busy weekend at these events.

Real Estate and Rental

I’ll be moving soon, so I have been scrambling around looking for something that will make the transition easier. Luckily I found two such services, Trulia and Padmapper. Trulia is a site primarily used for real estate, but has been pushing their rental service as well. They have an in site map of any area you may be looking and lists all the properties that other real estate agents post on their site. Their Smart Phone app is essentially a pocket version of their site, where you can create an account and save properties you want to look at, and even send a message to those real estate agents showing interest. Padmapper is a bit rough around the edges, but has more rental properties than Trulia simply because it grabs those listings off of craigslist. Real estate agents can post directly to Padmapper, but with it’s link to Craigslist you have plenty to look at. With it’s live map feature, powered by google maps, finding a place is very easy.

Store Reward Card  Accounts

Many retail stores have been using reward cards that can get you points towards coupons or even free merchandise. For instance, Subway has a reward card that gives you points that get you a free sub after buying about ten subs. If you tend to shop around, like me, this can lead to a very crowded key ring full of these cards, or even a full wallet. Well, worry no more! There are several apps available for such a problem. Key Ring Reward Cards is an app available on the Android Marketplace that allows you to scan all of your reward cards and have them stored all in one location! Another app I began using is called Lokalty, which is a rewards card that links many businesses all together into one card. This app is for local small businesses only and is only available in the city of Philadelphia. I have tested it already and it shows a lot of promise in helping small business owners get noticed. The other cool benefit of Lokalty is an in app map that shows you every location within it’s service, and even keeps track of all the points you gathered at each location and updates you on rewards you qualify for!


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