Superbowl Match-up! Samsung vs. Blackberry

Samsung vs Blackberry superbowlOne of the best Android phones out there, Samsung Galaxy S III and Blackberry’s new Z10 square off this Superbowl  I’m not a big football fan, I find it fun to watch, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it until the Superbowl. Why? With the added excitement of the game I have the added excitement of commercials pushing the envelope. I still have fond memories of the Budweiser frogs! Anyway, this years lineup of commercials was… sad. Nothing really stood out or made me laugh out loud. Two commercials in particular were ones I was looking forward to seeing. Blackberry and Samsung’s spots. How did they play out and did they do the job of grasping their audience.

What Blackberry Can’t Do

I understood the premise Blackberry’s, formally known as RIM, commercial and understood what they were aiming for. But this is coming from someone who is literally paid to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. I know

sell my iphone

Rino legs? Ok….

everything there is to know about the Blackberry z10 and the new Blackberry 10 OS, but does any normal Joe out there? No, and this commercial certainly didn’t help show what they have to offer. By barely even showing the phone and operating system they bet their money, and our time, on hoping we remember them. But is that really a good thing?

When I ask people what they remember about Blackberry they think of business suits and stiffs. They don’t think cutting edge and stylish. The commercial may have peaked some folks interest in looking into what they have to offer, but the people I were with were just confused. I heard lines like “they are still in business?” and “What were they even advertising?”. With their brand literally on the line they should have showed the phone and OS clear as day, show off how much they have grown and advanced since the days of the Pearl, Curve and even the Storm. Blackberry is cutting jobs and showing big loses across the board and this risk may not pay off. I have a hard time believing that anyone would sell their iPhone for a Blackberry z10.


Samsung’s Next Big Thing

Best Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S III

Two funny guys and a phone you barely see

Unlike Blackberry, people remember Samsung, it being one of the best Android phones available today. Their the king of the cellphone world, as of last year, and Samsung dominates the smartphone market with the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Note 2. Samsung knew everyone knows of them and probably already know enough about their major phones and tablets, since they have been out for a few months anyway. So what did they try to do? Bring a laugh and show famous people using their devices. They certainly won out in the laugh department, with quick quips and ironic jokes, it was like watching a short segment based on “Arrested Development”. It was funny… but did it sell?

Samsung Knows They Have The Best Android Phone Available

Yes and No, in my opinion. Samsung knew, like I said earlier, that everyone knows of their latest phones, since they are the best Android phone available. But they still should have shown their devices a bit more. We saw their tablet for a brief few seconds and most of the notes and Galaxy S3′s were face down on tables, being sidelined by the characters on the screen. It made for a fun short and a few chuckles but it didn’t really sell the devices. Why should I get a galaxy S 3 or a Note 2? What features really make me HAVE to have it. They mention some features but never really “show” them off to the audience.


Who Won?

Frankly, it’s a no contest at this point. Samsung had very little to risk in their ad, they are known, successful and their phones are already on shelves. Blackberry had to prove who they are now and how they are new and edgy… and they failed.  They had the edge, but they didn’t “show” enough to appeal to the crowd. No one I talked to, who has an Android or iPhone device, was interested in knowing anymore about the Blackberry. If they were aiming to win back old Blackberry customers, then they should have also shown off the z10′s cousin the q10 with it’s QWERTY keyboard. Both are beautiful and powerful phones, I know this… but no one else will know it after viewing the commercial. Unless they want to actively look it up, and it may be too late for that. All people know if what is the best Android phone out there, and Samsung knows this.

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