Tablets the New Netbooks?

When the first iPad came out I was already an anti-tablet fan. I found them over priced, under powered and just an over sized smart phone that doesn’t make calls. I suppose that is more true for the iPad as it’s design is almost identical to their phones… But it isn’t true anymore. I have been eyeing up the Kindle Fire, patiently awaiting its release so I can jailbreak it and have a very cheap, light android tablet. Engadget released an article today that actually surprised me. Not because it is so obvious, but because I completely forgot about netbooks. It seems more tablets have been shipped than netbooks, which means probably one thing, netbooks are on their way out.

As more apps become available for tablets, their usefulness has increased. When they first came out they were just overpriced internet browsers with a few apps you could find, and use, on any smart phone. Now, I find myself wanting a tablet to make my job here at TheBlueDot easier. I have to keep track of most of our online marketing and being able to do that from various apps, if not one app, on the go would make my job much quicker and easier. But tablets are still in that “oh… I dunno” price range that makes you think twice about making that leap. Tablets price range usually floats around $400-$600, which can be a deep cut into any middle class paycheck. Then there’s the Kindle Fire… $200 for a smaller android powered tablet that Amazon has made clear they would not fight against jailbreaking. Which means they won’t have much in security features stopping you from making your Kindle a born to be free Android. Forums have already begun popping up with techies raring to go on jailbreaking it the moment it’s released.

But why Jailbreak it? Well, the Kindle Fire will be a Kindle, which means Amazon wants you to use their marketplace, not Androids. Though it will share many of the same apps, it will still miss some of the best out there. So, anyone with a smidgen of tech know how will want their Kindle immediately opened up to it’s full potential as an Android Tablet. Amazon is smart enough to know that actually being able to jailbreak it will make the tablet sell even more, that fighting such measures are futile at best. There are just too many hackers out there that can jailbreak any tech within weeks of release (no matter how tight that lock is) that putting extra money into such defenses would just be a waste of resources. I’ll still buy books off Amazon, but I just love the Android Marketplace so much that I couldn’t imagine a tablet without it.

If there is one thing the Kindle Fire is showing us, it’s that tablets are getting cheaper, fast. The cheaper tablets get, the more mainstream they become. Netbooks are almost the same price as a tablet, but with less mobility and sometimes less abilities. Their death is a welcomed one, in my opinion. Tablets are here to stay and may one day actually replace laptops as a whole. Not for some time though, so breath a sigh of relief laptop lovers, you still have plenty of time to enjoy your Macbooks.

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