The BlackBerry Curve: Great for Business

RIm Blackberry CurveWhen Research in Motion, (RIM), began developing a smartphone, their main focus was on the business user. Someone who wants to do everything they do in the office while on the move. This was done by creating a specialist server and push email technology to deliver all the important email just as quickly as it arrives on a desktop computer.

BlackBerry were then tasked with simplifying the necessary operations and once they’d got it right and the phone hit the stores, they flew off the shelves. Individual customers and businesses just couldn’t get enough of them. The instant messaging feature was one of the major selling points, giving users the chance to chat quickly and easily with other BlackBerry users in a similar way to text messages, but without costing credit or using up message allowances.

Another reason for the success was the battery. When you use a device for work purposes, whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop computer that isn’t plugged into a socket, you find that the battery is gone within a matter of hours – if it lasts that long! The battery on models such as the BlackBerry curve just went on and on, and recharged in almost no time, making it an attractive proposition for business men and women on the move because they could travel around using their cell phone without having to recharge it every hour.

The Curve was designed to bring seamless features and integration from RIM to a much wider market who had previously never heard of them on the cell phone scene. Once the younger generation got word of the instant messaging function, known as BlackBerry Messenger, (BBM), they quickly joined the bandwagon and started communicating with friends seamlessly. Each BlackBerry cellphone has its own unique PIN which, like BBM, is part of the contract, and means that you can only chat with people you know – a real plus in terms of security when chatting about business.

Filled with applications too, the BlackBerry is filled with the likes of Facebook, Skype and so on, making it perfect for the working hours as well as the lunch break!

These are just a number of reasons why the BlackBerry is the second highest selling smartphone on the market today behind the iPhone.

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