The Blue Dot’s Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps

My name may say “androidman” but I appreciate all types of phones, especially when they contribute to some healthy competition. With that said, I asked around and came up with our top five iPhone camera apps. The iPhone has a pretty impressive camera and with so many apps out on the market it can be a bit overwhelming when choosing which one is right for you, or even worth your time.

1. Instagram

Don’t you miss those classic Polaroid pictures? The lightly faded look, slightly washed out colors and odd lighting gives it a great classic look. Instagram catches that, and more, with several photographic options to go through. After taking a picture, you have some filter options that can make your picture look like something out of the 70′s or any classic camera. It’s fun, simple, and makes any picture look great on your iPhone.

2. Hipstamatic

This app is a tribute to the original Hipstamatic 100 from the early 80′s. Much like Instagram it has several options to choose from. You can choose a lens, flash and film to give you almost endless combinations. You also have the ability to upload your pictures directly from your iPhone to Facebook or Flickr from within the program itself.

3. Mobile (Free)

If you’re user, this app is a must have. Not only does it offer you 2GB of data online for photos and videos, it also features some of the best photo processing options of any free program on the iPhone. Cropping, saturation, blurs and much much more. Considering this app is 100% free, there really is no reason this isn’t already on your phone.

4. ColorSplash

This app is both simple and fun. ColorSplash takes your photographs and converts them into black and white. From there you can choose which part of the picture is in color and which isn’t. Make a table full of fruits all black and white, but leave one lone apple a bright red to make it really pop. There are several brushes to choose from when bringing color back to your pictures giving you even more control over how your colors pop.

5. Darkroom (Free)

Ever have trouble getting a landscape picture with your iPhone just right, just to have something move and ruin a good photograph? This app takes that worry out of your hands. It waits until the conditions are just right before snapping a picture, lessening blur and flares. This app isn’t really for action shots or parties, but perfect for landscapes and portraits. This app is for those planned pictures you want to be just right.


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