The Coolest Kickstarter Products You Should Invest In

Coolest Kickstarter productsIf you don’t know about Kickstarter, your mind is about to be blown. Not because it is an amazing website with cool ideas, but because of how much money is flowing through that site everyday. Kickstarter is a site where you can post your business idea or product. It can be anything from a game, to a new printer design. You post the product, the amount of money you claim you need to get started, and an end date for the funding. Extra incentive is added by making individual goals for the people giving money. For example, a new phone application may give you the product for free, once it’s released, if you donate $20 or more.  What is even cooler about the site is that if a product reaches it’s dollar goal… it stays up until the end date. Some products asking for $500k end up with over 2 million dollars by the end date. All financed by individuals!

There are so many cool things on Kickstarter it’s difficult to decide what you should put money down on. Since we’re a phone reseller I filtered through the site to find cool phone applications and hardware that you may be interested in, and may want to finance yourself!

Pebble - I know that this one is actually done with being funded, but you should keep an eye out for it regardless. This cool piece of hardware is a wristwatch using E-ink, like the best ereaders out there. What makes this product even cooler is it’s ability to sync with your iPhone and Android. Giving you basic controls and updates right to your wrist.  This seems a bit redundant, since your phone is just in your pocket anyway. But lets say your at a meeting,  or even on a date, a quick glance at your watch when your phone vibrates will tell you what it is and if it’s important without having to look rude taking out your phone! It’s sleek looking, and the E-ink makes this a great device to keep your eyes open for.

LIFX - This product is the future of light bulb technology. LED light bulbs aren’t anything new, but what makes LED light blubs amazing is that they don’t take much power, and are very small. This enables folks to jam in more

LIFX Kickstarter

Here you can see how the color controls could potentially work.

tech into the light bulb innards and still make it the size of a typical light bulb. What makes LIFX really cool is that, with their app, you can control every light in your house, control it’s color, when it’s on and off, dimness, and even use it to make your lights an alarm to wake you up instead of a loud alarm clock. Imagine having a party and letting your lights fade to different colors. Or turning every single light in your house into dim light. This product is said to work with both Android and Apple iPhones. This project already surpassed it’s funding, but there is still time to take part in the deals they offer by donating before their time is up!

Transit App An app without an official name, this app would be wonderful for anyone in a city or preparing for a city trip. This app, unlike google maps, can be customized on the go. You pick a point you want to travel to and it tells you what transit systems are the fastest, then you add whether you will be using a bike or walking, so it adjusts it’s map for when you get off the train or bus, to give you the fastest route from there. It’s a simple idea with great execution. It’s funding is also complete, so keep an eye out for this future app!

SmartThings - This app/device is really exciting. This device has it’s own independent wireless system that hooks up to locks, alert systems, thermostats and motion detectors. Essentially you can unlock your doors remotely, get alerted when a door is opened, or turn the heat off when you’re not home. The possibilities for this application are amazing. If you are working late and have a pet, you can ask a friend to pop over real quick to feed your furry friend and unlock the doors remotely for them when they arrive! You can even set it to unlock when you’re near the house.


I would suggest keeping an eye on Kickstrater as much as you can. The products shown are truly exciting and with the power of the internet, this may be a new age in technology advancement thanks to public financing!

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