The First Xbox 360 SmartGlass App

Microsoft Smart GlassWith Microsoft releasing surface and Windows 8 in the next coming months more and more info has been spilling out to give customers an idea of what they are in for. SmartGlass, if you’re unaware, is an “app” that will connect all your digital devices together even if it’s a refurbished cell phone. So they will feel more like limbs of a single device, as oppose to devices connected via bluetooth. The idea goes along with Windows 8 new metro design that will be across all windows device. Such as their phones, tablets, PC and even the Xbox (which was updated today with a quasi Windows 8 look). But what is the first SmartGlass app to surface this coming year?

New, Used or a Refurbished Cell Phone, It Works With Them All

It seems Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central are the first ones to show off what they have in store for Microsoft Surface and SmartGlass. The app is specifically for Dance Central 3, which will allow players Smartglass can work with a refurbished cell phoneto choose the next song, how many calories they want to burn and weekly goals all working on a new or refurbished cell phone. The coolest thing about the app is the party possibilities. Lets say you have a few friends over and everyone is taking a turn playing. The people waiting their turn can choose which song will play next, and how difficult it will be while others are playing. When they’re done, the game just goes right to the next song without stopping, allowing who’s next to just jump right in.

More Possibilities With Smartglass

The possibilities of such control to other games is endless. Rock Band could have the exact same interface, allowing people at the party to choose the next song and play party DJ through their new, used or refurbished cell phone. Or, if it’s a shooter, to bet on who will win, what level they’ll play next, or what game type they’ll start with. You could easily connect this type of app to Xbox’s music app to literally play as the DJ and set up the song list as the party goes. Because of SmartGlasses seamless way of working, you could have a few tablets scattered about your house to allow party members easy access (if you can afford such a thing).

I can’t wait for SmartGlass to fully launch and to see the full might of Windows 8 working with handhelds. It could very well fail, but the idea behind it is fascinating. Will this cause people to yell out “I’m going to sell my Apple iPhone 4s for that Windows 8 Phone”? I have no idea. Only a select few have been able to get a good hands on with Windows 8, and even less have touched Windows SmartGlass apps. We’ll all know for sure by the years end.

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