The iPhone 5, is it Worth the Upgrade?

So the launch of iPhone 5 has come and gone. More than a week has passed and now that everyone has had time to fiddle with the new iPhone there is more of an idea of what everyone is dealing with. Ultimately everyone wants to know what you get with the 5 that you don’t get with the 4s, and if it is ultimately worth the upgrade. It all really depends on what iPhone you actually have.

I have quite a few friends who are HUGE apple fans, nothing sways them from any and all apple products, so I gave up trying to show them other devices available. But when I bring up the iPhone 5… they all seem rather underwhelmed. It has a tall screen to allow more apps to appear in view, 4G and some hardware upgrades that make it a bit faster and powerful than the 4s… but that doesn’t seem to be enough.

When I asked why they seemed underwhelmed, they just explain that the last big jump in the iPhone tech, and look, was from the 3gs to the 4. The look, OS and tech of the phone seemed to take a completely different direction, but since then has kept the look, and the OS has only changed slightly from 4 to 4s to 5. A bigger screen is nice, but apparently most of my apple fan friends don’t care much about screen size. If they did, they would have bought Android phones ages ago since their trend seems to be bigger is better.

So when I ask if it is worth the upgrade, the only consensus seems to be that if you’re due for an upgrade, you may as well. They aren’t rushing out to get the next one in line as much as others are. Of course, this isn’t the case for 5 million people who bought the phone on day one. I have yet to meet one apple fan, personally, who is head over heals for the new iPhone. is that to say it is a bad phone? No way, it is the best iPhone out there, and for a bit longer, one of the best phones you can buy now.

I may be an Android fanboy, but I recognize good tech when I see it, and the iPhone 5 is good tech. But it feels a lot like what I see everyday with new android phones coming out every month or so. Little growths, a few wows here and there, but nothing that has gotten me on the edge of my seat.  The most excited I have gotten was with the RAZR MAXX battery life, which is great for a 4G smart phone. Many apple fans feel the same the last time they got excited, which seems to be from the 3gs to the 4. Of course you can also trade in your iPhone 4s to get the iPhone 5 at a discounted price.

So should you upgrade to the 5? Yes and no. Yes, if you’re contract is up and you have a 4 or 3gs (especially if you have a 3gs). No, if you have the 4s and aren’t up for an upgrade for another year. You may as well wait for the next iPhone 5 edition next year (which there will be one, just like the 3g to 3gs and the 4 to the 4s).  The upgrade will be more substantial and be worth the extra money you’ll have to pay mid-contract.

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