The New Nook Get’s a Little Nook in B&N Stores

Amazon is going for Apples throat with it’s soon to be released Kindle Fire, and it seems B&N wants a piece of the action. In almost immediate reaction to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Barnes and Noble have announced a new tablet like E-reader called, quite creatively, the Nook Tablet (I know, it must have taken them hours to think of that name). jokes aside, it’s an impressive package with a 7 inch 1080p display, 11.5 hours of battery life, 16GB of built-in memory, which can expand with an SD card. It also will offer, out of the box, Netflix and Hulu Plus support, giving it a step ahead of Amazon’s Kindle. It has a better display, more RAM, more on-board memory, slightly lighter and it has free support with any Nook station in any Barnes and Noble. At just $250, $50 more than the Amazon Kindle Fire, it’s an enticing package which will also have Android OS support.

Although it is an impressive package, the amazon Kindle Fire is still $50 cheaper… Well B&N has one big advantage to the online store giant, physical locations. If you have a problem with your Kindle Fire you have to contact an online representative on Amazon (a very impressive and celebrated support team already) but that also means a replacement can take a few days, if not more. While with the Nook you can walk into any B&N store and get hands on support immediately. B&N realized this and actually upgraded many of their Nook… nooks, and added more support, more people to take on that support and more demos for customers to try out. The Holiday season is right around the corner, or already here if department stores have anything to say about it, and the tablet wars are just beginning.

Tablets have always been an odd device. They weren’t powerful enough to be a good PC, and not useful enough to warrant a purchase. But now that has all changed. Prices are beginning to drop, accessibility is beginning to rise and the devices usefulness is skyrocketing. Tablets can now be linked into a network, making businesses run smoother as everyone has easy communication and business information in their hands. All tablets needed was to be a bit smaller and less expensive, that time is now. So who will come out on top? The B&N Nook? The Amazon Kindle Fire? Or the more expensive iPad? Lets find out after this holiday season!

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