The New York Times App Reaches 3 Million Downloads

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Back in November, I did a post about how GQ’s app  for new and used cell phones marked the beginning of a shift to the paradigm of the magazine world. It seems the explosion of the “App” world has had the same effect on the newspaper industry as The New York Times app has recently reached 3 million downloads. In December alone, they had 75 million page views from mobile sites and apps.

It seems that apps have squelched fears of the Internet killing printed media (in revenue at least). According to Business Insider, The Time’s fourth quarter Internet revenues “increased 10.3% to $102.0 million from $92.5 million, and Internet advertising revenues increased 10.6 percent to $90.6 million from $81.9 million, thanks to a considerable boost from”

Although the days of actually getting your fingers dirty from flipping newspaper pages may soon be history, continued advancement in the fields of cell phone and tablet technology will no doubt offer the printed media industry an arena in which to thrive. A piece of me will miss the feel of the pages on my fingers but, hey, it’s good news for trees, right?

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