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Refurbished Cell PhonesHey there fellow Blue Dots, it’s the Android Monkey here.  Now, when I’m not hanging out in the jungle playing with smart phones, I handle Customer Service for the team.  It’s one of the most rewarding positions in the company since I get a chance to really connect with all of our lovely clients.  I’m going to turn the spotlight in this article on some of the stories of our happy customers!

Andy writes on,

I had an at&t tilt (htc 8925) for 5 years before it finally broke, so I was way past due for a free upgread with at&t. I looked at their new phones and did not like any of them, so i decided to try and find a used tilt online when I came across The Blue Dot. They have new tilts! I decided to buy one instead of taking my free upgrade with at&t. I am very happy that I did, this phone is as great as the new one I bought 5 years ago. From now on when I have a device that is not made any more, that has broken down, I will be looking on The Blue Dot to see if they have a replacement. You shouldn’t have to “upgrade” from the devices you love just because they are not manufactured anymore

We couldn’t agree more Andy! Next we have our dear friends Robert and Emily’s experience with us.

I’ll be the first to admit, that sometimes ordering stuff on eBay can be intimidating. I read in the news and hear from my friends about all of the scammers there are out there. I usually stick to my safe areas and only order from businesses that I have seen before.

A few months ago my old cell phone took a dump. It didn’t work right, would frequently turn off, and was an all-around piece of electronic garbage. A decade+ customer of verizon, I thought my only option was to purchase from them. Since I had long ago let my 2 year contract expire and had moved into the bliss of month-to-month, verizon had no deals for me. I would be forced to pay top dollar for a bottom shelf phone. I didn’t like my prospects, so I began researching online.

Thats when I found The Blue Dot on line, on eBay. I knew what phone I wanted, and they had it for a great price. I researched their feedback history and with a 98%+ approval rating with literally tens of thousands (almost 100k) of reviews- I felt comfortable purchasing through them.

My phone arrived faster than I had anticipated, and the quality of my phone was great. They rated it a 4 of 5, but I would have given it a 5 of 5. I cant tell that it was refurbished, except that it came in a white box- and not Verizon’s packaging.

I will be recommending them to my friends, family, and you- the reader of my review. Wether you spend $3 or $300 with them, you get great customer service. My wife was so impressed with them, she bought a phone from them today.

Robert had a few issues with how to set up his used cell phone when he first received it, but we were quick to jump on it and provide him with step by step instructions and the reassurance that should anything go wrong with his device that we stand behind our products and our clients 100%. Next up, the lovely Teresa is a company who does right by their customers! Buy with complete confidence!!! They are prompt to address, and resolve, any customer inquiries. When I brought a concern to their attention which was important to me, yet could have been easily disregarded as inconsequential (a day difference in delivery); customer service immediately acknowledged my concern, took ownership of it and promptly resolved the matter to my complete satisfaction! This level of quality customer service is refreshing! Any company can stay in business by providing low cost quality products/services. However, it’s only the companies that are proactive, respectful and determined to provide the outstanding customer satisfaction that evoke a deep sense of loyalty from their customers. has EARNED my loyalty and I will absolutely buy from them again. I’m a very selective shopper and I highly recommend because customer satisfaction comes with every purchase!!

We really do love our customer’s here. We just started having weekly contest for our Facebook page, which runs along side of our already popular Monthly contest. If you have any ideas or comments on how we can really WOW you , our customers, drop me a email. We love talking with our customers and can always be reached at .

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