Jun 18

Android Cell phoneJust take a moment and wonder at the marvel of the technology in your hand, if you happen to own a smart phone. Think about it, you have a tiny computer in your hand that has access to the web, bluetooth, GPS, texting, calling, wifi and in some cases an HD camera. That is truly amazing and would have been unheard of just ten years ago. But now that we have these little handheld wonder-gadgets, there are plenty of companies out there taking advantage of the technology available. Here are some of the oddest attachments that you may have never heard of.

The Deeper – It’s a bit of an odd name, but this little gadget supposedly attaches to your phone via bluetooth and gives you an accurate reading on fish locations and depth… That’s right, it’s like a miniature submarine spying on your fishy prey.  This may appear to be cheating, but I think it adds even more capabilities of skill than ever before. Now you can see where your prey lies, and you have to figure out how to get there and attract them. The Deeper itself is a black ball that you toss into the water (it being waterproof of course) which will activate it automatically. You now have sonar readings being fed into an app on your phone for the next six hours, which is the average battery life of this gadget. Pretty darn cool.

Lenses for your Smartphone Camera - Ok, this one is less weird than “The Deeper” but it is a bit silly. Cell phone cameras were never made to be professional in any way, they are great in a pinch and serve pretty well for

Android cell phone

Nah… this doesn’t look silly at all.

most events you may want some snap shots of. But when it comes to someone who takes professional pictures, they usually settle for SLR cameras that range in the hundreds of dollars. Well, if you don’t have hundreds of dollars you can purchase little mini clip on lenses, most of them seen for the iPhone, to give you better shooting options. You may think “but a mini lens clipped on to my phone would look ridiculous!” and you would be 100% right. The attachments look absurd, but they work oddly well, but you’ll still never get the quality a professional camera could produce. Of course, there’s always instagram to make it look professional anyway.

Flashing Pen - Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. This pen, made my Cellular Jewelry, helps with those annoying ring tones… and vibrations I guess. Instead of having your phone ring, this pen begins flashing when you receive a phone call. So instead of being in a meeting and being embarrassed by your ringtone, you can be embarrassed by the epileptic flashing coming out of your breast pocket.  This item would be pretty neat if it didn’t have such a small range, which is three feet. So this accessory is only useful in your pocket.

Android cell phones

This iPod looks soooooo lazy

Beanbag Chairs for your phone - Yup… it’s a beanbag chair for your phone. Does it charge your phone? No. Is it a good holder to watch movies or surf the web? Not really. It’s a chair… for your phone. Don’t worry though! This item can work with your iPhone as well as your android cell phone. So no worries on compatibility.


There are many more floating around out there, from cellphone lighter adapters to cellphones that are literally cigarette boxes. As technology advances, it seems the weirder it gets.

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