’s Holiday Gift Guide

I know, I know, Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet, but we all know what day, and week, follows Thanksgiving. That’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which may as well be a Cyber week, as most online stores keep up the deals all week long). Electronics, and especially cellphones, are hot items almost every year, so we’re here to help narrow down, or help, in your holiday shopping needs!

Tight Wallet

We have all been there, some holidays you have less money than you would like to put towards gifts. Luckily the world is full of different gifts you can buy on the cheap. Here are a few items that are nice to give and easy on the wallet.

The Casio Boulder

Tough phones like the Casio Boulder, The Motorola Barrage and the Samsung Convoy are cheaper flip phones that are made to take a beating. If you have a friend who tends to drop their phone often or works and plays outside a lot, the Casio Boulder, Motorola Barrage or the Samsung Convoy may be a great option for them! We have reviews on our youtube channel for all three of these phones where we list each feature these phones tout, each of them excellent for any person who’s tough on their phones.

Not into tough phones? Is your “giftee” into music and videos? Well perhaps the LG Env line is best for them. We have the LG Env2 and the LG Env3 on our website and on our youtube channel. These phones are made for the music lover as they are one of the only phones offering stereo speakers on the phone itself! It’s a phone with plenty of features for those who don’t want to drop the cash on a smart phone. They both come in different colors so they have a sense of style as well.


More Bucks to Spare

These suggestions are for folks who have a bit more dollars to spend on gifts. I try to save a few dollars every month for the holidays so even if I have a few tight months, at least I’ll have some left over cash for the spendy holiday season.

The Samsung Fascinate

Smart phones are all the rage lately, especially the iPhone, but unfortunately they remain rather pricey. If you’re in the market for the smart phone, or someone you know really wants one, Droids are probably your best option. Since there are dozens on the market, their prices are a bit friendlier. We offer many types of Droid phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S lines which feature the Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Incredible and the Samsung Continuum! The Galaxy S line is known for their bright and clear displays which is great for someone who loves watching movies and reading websites on their phone.

What if they aren’t into the whole “touch screen keyboard” thing? Well, we have plenty of other options with Blackberrys! Blackberrys will always show some love for the ol’ QWERTY keyboard, which shows in their affordable Curve line. We have a few color options for the Blackberry curve and as we receive more from our suppliers and trade-in’s those color options can change! So keep an eye on our website for them. If your friend is trying to get into the touchscreen world, the Blackberry Storm line is perfect for them. The Blackberry Storm is designed as a touch screen that feels like a button. You don’t tap to select apps or type on the phone, you physically press down on the screen until you feel the familiar click of a button. This phone is definitely not for someone already accustom to touchscreens as it will be a bit odd. But for those used to type on the QWERTY keyboard, it will be a welcomed addition and advancement in technology!


Rollin’ in the Dough

The Casio Commando

Having plenty of money means having more options with gifts, in this case the world is your oyster when it comes to electronics and cellphones. Here are some great ideas for those with the extra cash.

Any and all smart phones are up for grabs here, including the Apple iPhone 4 which we have up on our website. The iPhone is known for it’s sleek design, easy interface and dependable hardware. If you feel like your friend, or yourself, are a bit too rough on your phone you can purchase a rough and tumble case for your iPhone (there are plenty out there to choose from). Apple is known to only release dependable products and the iPhone 4 is no exception.

What if you want a smart phone that is just tough on it’s own though… Well, we got the perfect phone for you! The Casio Commando Droid phone was the official Droid phone for the military, and it definitely looks the part. This phone is literally made, and tested, to take the worst you can throw at it. Water, humidity, shock, dust, fall damage it can take it all. I wouldn’t suggest testing it over and over, but lets just say that any tumble from your lap to the floor would make this phone chuckle. I have personally handled this phone, and will have a review of it up shortly, and one thing I love about it is it’s look. The Commando looks and feels like a tough phone, and if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get!


I hope we were able to help you out with your holiday shopping this year! You can purchase all of these phones at or trade in your old and used phones at

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