’s Tips for Electronic Mishaps

Technology is part of our everyday lives now, and with that we have to accept that accidents do, and will, happen. Cellphones are probably the number one casualty in electronics accidents. Water, Dirt, Drops, shock, all those things we, as people, may run into every single day and since cellphones are right there with us, they can fall prey to such enemies of electronics. Besides being here to help with getting you a replacement phone, we’re here to help possibly save the phone, or other electronic device, you already have. Here’s a list of accidents, and reactions, that may help you save your precious device.


Water, possibly the worst enemy of all electronics. Lets face it, we live on a wet planet with water falling from the skies, dripping from our faucets and lapping on our shores. You’re bound to run into it at a bad time while making a phone call, or just holding a glass of water over your favorite game console. Lets start with the best case scenario, lets say you get your device wet while it is off. Well, you’re in luck! First, don’t turn it on, not for a while. You want that device to dry out before attempting to run power through it. Open the case, and if it’s a cellphone take the back off and battery out, and dry it with a static free cloth. After you have the surface dry you’ll want it to just let it dry naturally. Don’t let it sit in the sun, as the heat and water may warp surfaces. Once a good while has passed, turn it on and see how it works. In most cases it should be fine. But, because it got wet, there is a good chance the warning sticker got wet and voided your warranty… Unfortunately that is unavoidable.

Now for the worst case scenario… It gets wet when it’s on. Now in this case it may already be too late, but if it isn’t completely submerged you should immediately turn it off or unplug it (if your hands are not also wet!). Then follow the same steps as above. Again, the warranty will be void, but it may just save your device. Also… Don’t use your phone while in the bathroom. You know why.

Dirt and sand

If you’re someone who is outside a lot you may not want a smart phone to begin with. Casio Boulders may be your best bet for outside activities. But, if you do have a smart phone, you may want to get a case for it immediately. Dirt and especially sand can be very hazardous for touch screens. For example, years ago I had an LG Dare that I just bought. Upon going on a road trip I gave it to my friend to hold on to while I did something. When I got it back there were tiny scratches all over the screen. He neglected to check his pockets for sand, which his pants were full of. needless to say there is no easy fix for that, so protecting your phone before it happens is probably your best bet. The single thing that makes phones lose their value the most, especially for trade ins, is a bad screen. Protect it as best as you can and trading in your phone for cash towards a new one will be much easier!


My girlfriend is the worst at this, until her phone became far too expensive to be forgetful about. She would put her phone on her lap, forget it was there, and get up, which would toss it on the ground. She isn’t the only one to do this obvious, I have seen it dozens of times. There are two ways to avoid this. One way is to never leave it on your lap and forget about it in the first place. If you’re in your car, place your phone in the center dash or somewhere on the passenger seat. The other way is to get it a heavy duty case. A case won’t protect it from internal shock, but it will at least prevent it from cracking the screen or busting up the case. Dropping it can also lead to sand and dirt getting lodged in between seams of the case, and I don’t know about you, but that drives me crazy.

Altitude, Shock, Moisture

Those three things are easily avoidable by any normal person, but if you’re outdoors this is something you may encounter often. Probably too often to warrant having a smart phone or any other device not suited for such an environment. In this case it may be best to purchase a tougher military grade phone. Casio Boulders, Casio Rock and Motorola Barrage are some of the toughest phones out there, and in the Rock’s case, it comes built in with some smart phone like GPS applications. We sell all three of these phones, so if you’re in the market for a tough outdoors phone, check out the links provided. Otherwise either get a heavy duty case for your phone, or just put it in a water proof baggy in your backpack.


The world is a dangerous place for electronics, and we hope our tips make it a slightly safer place for them to be! You can purchase the phones mentioned in this article at or trade in your old and used phones at

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