TheBlueDot’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guideIt’s that time of year again, Black Friday is just around the corner with Cyber Monday and Small business Tuesday right behind. Although, it seems, more and more online stores ignore Cyber Monday and have an entire week of crazy sales. We don’t have the inside word on what deals to expect, but we do know what new tech gifts you should keep and eye out for and what deals you’ll probably see come Black Friday. So get your wallet out, a hot cup of coffee for those long lines and your most comfortable shoes ready, cause the shopping season is here!



Nintendo Wii U - The next big thing from Nintendo was just released this past weekend and it’s already sold out almost everywhere. Much like the Nintendo Wii, this system works off of “current Gen” hardware and doesn’t do

Another revolution in the making?

anything special graphics wise. But what makes this system different from all the others is it’s new touch pas controller. This controller allows you more functionality when it comes to some games. For instance, a game may display it’s map, inventory or even your characters health all in the palm of your hand. The other amazing feature is if someone wants to use the TV, you can continue to play your game on the touch pad, as oppose to interrupting an on going game session. So far, the most popular game is Super Mario Brothers U, but big AAA titles are soon to follow. Also, if you have a Wii, the old controllers will work with the new system! Something you don’t see many companies doing. Better get in line though, as the Wii U has sold out in many locations.

HDTV’s - Every year there is new tech associated with HDTV’s, last year was a big push for 3D. It has become evident, though, that 3D is still “sort of” in, but not as big as those companies may have liked. So what does this mean for us? BIG DEALS. Last years models, and even models released earlier this year, will go on sale rivaling normal HDTV’s in price. If you ever thought of making the leap to 3D, this may be the time to jump in. Though you need to keep in mind that you will need a 3D bluray player. The plus side to having to purchase that is it works for normal blurays and DVD’s as well. This season may be the best season to jump in HD if you have been a hold out for the last decade. I know a HDTV I bought personally for $750 last year is now below $500, and that’s a 47 inch TV! So get in line at Best buy or keep your mouse buttons ready for clicking when the deals hit.

Blurays - Speaking of HD, Blurays are cheaper than ever this year, with some big hits going below $10! A few movies I am excited about, soon to be released by Disney, are some classics like Pocahontas and Finding Nemo, finally coming to Bluray!

Tablets - It seems Tablets are going the way of the smart phone, in which I mean they are getting new versions within months of each other, with wireless plans similar to cell phones. With that, prices are more competitive than ever for some big name tablets. This year also marks the true beginnings of tablet laptop hybrids, which you can see in the new Windows 8 Surface tablets coming out in the coming months. I would wait another year to jump into that fray, but pure mobile tablets will be at great competitive prices.

Sell my iphone 4sCell Phones - Cell phone deals are harder to come by around the holiday season. Cell phones aren’t typically associated as a gift,but, if you’re looking into gifting yourself you should look into trading in your cell phone towards a new one. If you want to sell your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5 for instance, this month may be the best month to do it before the iPhone 4′s selling price begins going down. Since Apple releases a new phone almost every year, it’s only a matter of time before we see the whispers of the next device. Considering their track record, it will probably be an upgraded iPhone 5.

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