TheBlueDot’s Favorite Mobile App Games

Smartphones are amazing things, they help us organize our lives, keep in touch with friends and they manage to take countless amounts of hours from us with addictive games. With the big 10 cent Android Marketplace sale going on I thought it would be a great time to ask the staff what their favorite smart phone games are.  Some didn’t even play games on their smart phone… amazing I know! But at least half our staff had some favorites they wanted to mention. The very first one on our list is obvious enough…


Angry Birds

Probably the most popular mobile app game ever released, Angry Birds is addictive, fun and hilarious. I had several co-workers tell me that game was their favorite so I had to twist some arms to get more than one mobile app game on this list! Angry Birds has become a phenomenon of sorts, touting several different versions, releases on almost every smart phone and tablet, and an incredible marketing movement involving everything from plushies to clothing! I probably don’t need to explain the game to anyone, but the idea is to shoot your tiny bird arsenal at various shoddily built fortresses housing some real mean green pigs. The object of the game is to eliminate all the pigs before running out of birds. You’re rewarded for using less birds, and in most cases, can beat a level with a single bird. Addictive and maddening at times, Angry Birds is a must have for anyone with a smart phone!

Enviro-Bear 2010

This game may take some explaining and is my personal favorite, mostly because of it sheer ridiculousness. Enviro-Bear 2010 is a game where you’re a bear in a car trying to gather and gobble up as much food as possible. The catch is… you’re a bear. You can only use one arm as you shift your car into drive and reverse, turn the steering wheel and press the gas. Each control can only be manipulated one at a time, so you’ll find yourself spinning out of control quite often. As the game goes on, if you hit things your not suppose to, the car begins filling up with bees, leaves, rocks and, in some cases, badgers! The art style, reaction of the bear as you mess up and the silliness of this game makes it incredibly fun and funny to play.

Robot Unicorn Attack

I probably already sold you on this game by it’s title alone. From the mastermind over at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim come a game about rainbows, crystals, robotic unicorns and Erasure’s hit song “always”. The object of the game is pretty simple, your a Unicorn running across some weird sky land, dodging crystals and collecting fairies as you begin running faster and faster. The game gets progressively challenging as you run forward, so the real object is to get as far as you can for as long as you can. Addictive and absurd, this game is a must have for any fan of Adult Swim.


Although this isn’t technically a game, this app can open the doorway to hundreds of titles. SNES A.D. is an emulator, turning your smart phone into a Super Nintendo, capable of playing any SNES game that has been programmed by others. This app is probably best played on a smart phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but it is capable of being played on ones without (though a bit more challenging). If you were a big fan of the Super Nintendo and want to take a ride through nostalgia, this app is a must have!

Fruit Ninja

Another game that reach immense popularity, so much so it has it’s own arcade cabinets, Fruit Ninja combines the fun of chopping things up with the nutritiousness of fruit. The object of the game is to slice u pas much fruit as you can with as little swipes as possible, all white avoiding bombs that get tossed up in the mix. A great style, amazing controls and addictive gameplay makes this game just as much as a must have as Angry Birds. With several game modes, clean crisp graphics and colorful art style it’s not only fun to play, but fun to look at.

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