TidBit News: SmartGlass Available on iOS Devices

Trade in iphone 4I know, I know, I have been writing about SmartGlass quite often the past couple months, but this will probably be the last one (That is a lie). Android devices managed to score Microsoft’s SmartGlass app on the day of Windows 8 release, most of them anyway, and now it’s Apple’s turn! Microsofts SmartGlass is now available to iOS Devices, which include iPads and iPhones.

Everyone thinking of selling your iPhone 4 or 4s, or whatever number, to get more control out of your Xbox can hold off for now. Though Windows devices will have more available, SmartGlass allows any Android and Apple device to sync to your xbox. It’s really cool with movies and shows, as it displays information and gives you the basic controls in the palm of your hand… though controllers and remotes already do that.

We here at TheBlueDot haven’t been able to play around with SmartGlass except on our PC’s, since none of our phones are compatible due to system updates. But if it is anything like the PC’s control over the system, it will be a must install app for anyone with an Xbox 360 and iOS device. You can check out more about SmartGlass in our article here!

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