Welcome to another installment of some bite sized tech news. Typically we make an article like this when news is a bit light, or there is a lot of news but nothing big enough for it’s own article. So instead of spreading it out and wasting word space, I’m going to give you little tidbits of tech news to munch on this fine Monday morning.





Galaxy S III Doesn’t Explode - Our first Bite Size Tech News article spoke of a Samsung Galaxy S III that exploded on someone. Well, it seems that isn’t the whole story. Apparently the owner of the Galaxy S got some water spilled on it, so they popped it into a microwave to dry it… Yea… The stereotypical idiot fix for something that gets wet. Samsung investigated the phone once it was sent to them and concluded the explosion happened due to an outside heat source. This is when the owner confessed to “drying” the Galaxy S in a microwave. DO NOT use a microwave to dry ANYTHING, especially electronics or living things!

Furby Gets a 2012 Facelift - Remember Furby? If you are too old to have ever owned one, or too young to remember, Furbies were little robotic pets. Akin to Tamagotchi, Furbies needed to be fed, talked to and played

It’s voice won’t just wake you up at night, now it’s bright laser eyes will!

with. They were pretty basic in emotion, but the ears certainly helped. This new reboot has light up eyes that are actually two screen dot matrix’s. These screens can convey a lot more emotion then the old Furbies, not to mention they move around a bit more.  They will come in 10 colors by Christmas time and should be released for purchase soon. Will they be as big a hit as the originals? We’ll find out this holiday season.

New Kindle Fire Will have a Screen Upgrade - There isn’t much info on the new up and coming Kindle Fire, but one bit of information squeezed out, screen resolution. The updated resolution will be 1,280 x 800 and Amazon claims the new Kindle will also be a bit thinner. It has only been a year since the original Kindle Fire was released, but this seems to be the norm for most electronics. One year, and there is a new updated version that makes your old on look like crap.

Japanese Group Transmits Power Through Four Inches of Concrete - Hybrid cars? Pfft, old news. If this Japanese groups invention gets more attention, we may be running our cars off the power grid itself. The wheels are where the power is transferred into and then powers electronics within the car. The demo just shows a light bulb, but with more advances we could push enough power to run an entire car. This also makes it safe for people to walk on, as well as animals. We won’t be free of gas for a while though. Even if this technology gets enough attention, they will have to rip apart any and every road they can, and there will always be a few back roads without it.

Android cell phone app

This is what tech magic is like

Word Lens Brings Real Time Augmented Reality Translation to Android - iOS has already had an app like this for some time, but it is finally available on all Android cell phones. Essentially this app works with your camera to translate signs in real time, and make it look like those words were written on there originally. The app itself comes with a demo that just reverses the words, but you can buy language translations on Google Play. I gave it a try and it is truly amazing, though you have to attempt to keep your phone VERY steady. The bigger the sign though, the easier it is for the app. This app will make traveling in foreign countries much easier.


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