Top 10 Apple iPhone Apps – 2010

There’s an app for that! With over 250,000 apps currently available on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it may difficult to find those that are worthwhile amongst all the apps that are worthless. Ranging from making light saber noises (or fart noises), to finding local restaurants and shops, to finding out your BAC, the purposes of the apps are endless. Here are my top 10 iPhone applications that are very useful, lack in bugs, and easy to use.

Top Iphone Apps

Top Iphone Apps - 2010

1. Pandora

If you have ever used Pandora on your computer, you know how to use this app. Simply input an artist, song, album, or genre, and hear non-stop music. Choose the thumbs-up or thumbs-down option for each song to customize your station. Not only will this allow you to hear new music, but you won’t need to put as many songs on your device saving space for other things. Runner up: Slacker radio. Slacker is another free app for your iphone (pay fro service if you want unlimited skipping) and you can search for virtually any song or artist for free.

2. Netflix

Although you need a membership to Netflix to use this free app, it is well worth it. You can now stream movies, documentaries, and tv shows right onto your phone. The app works on the 3G network, as well as with Wi-Fi.  With over 17,000 titles at your disposal, it is possible to never be bored again.

3. Angry Birds

This game app has taken iPhone users by storm. So popular in fact, that it was recently made as an Android app as well, because the demand was so great. You are a team of birds trying to get revenge on a gang of pigs who stole your eggs. Sure, the story may not sound to fun, but through the variety of birds you can use and the multitude of levels, this trial-and-error trajectory game will keep you entertained for hours, days, and even months.

4. The Weather Channel

The countless number of weather applications on the market is astounding. None of them, however, measure up to the simple, easy-to-use, accuracy of this application. See current, 36-hour, and 10-day forecasts. You can even see radar maps to see what the clouds are actually doing!

5. Sonar Ruler

At first view, this may not seem like an important app. It may even seem like an incredibly nerdy one. However the usefulness of this application is undeniable. How often have you wanted to know the measurements of a room, a table, or any other object with no ruler or tape measurer in sight? The Sonar Ruler provides fairly accurate measurements using the speaker to send out signals and the microphone to receive them. It measures the time it takes for the signal to bounce off a wall, and calculates that into the distance between the phone and the wall.

6. ESPN SportsCenter

I know it isn’t difficult to find scores. But with ESPN SportsCenter, you can customize your settings so all of your favorite sports and teams appear in one place. Just a slide of the thumb and you can have all your live and up-to-date scores as they happen. And if you want a simple game from ESPN, check out ESPN Zoom  (formally Camera Man). In this very simple game, two almost identical pictures are put side-by-side. It is your job to find all 5 differences.

7. Fring

No need for separate applications for AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, or Facebook. Fring brings you the instant messaging capabilities of them all. As any iPhone user knows, you can’t run more than one application at once. With Fring, you can have access to all of these messaging programs at once! Throw in video calling, and you have got yourself one heck of an app. (note: for the extreme Facebook or twitter user, you may still want those apps as well)

8. AT&T Virtual Receptionist

This app is especially good for the small business owners out there. Make yourself look more professional, for free! With the application, you will receive a free 800 or 888 phone number. You can set up three different forwarding phone numbers so you will never miss a call again. While the person calling waits to be connected to one of those numbers, the professional sounding auto-receptionist plays a company greeting. You get 60 toll free minutes every month for free. If that isn’t enough, you can purchase more at pretty cheap rates.

9. The Paper Plane Guy’s Construction Kit

I’ll admit, this one is less about the usefulness of the application than it is about tugging at my nostalgic heart strings. If you were ever a kid, then you can relate. I used to always make paper airplanes. If they got any more complicated than the fold the corners, fold in half, fold the wings plane I normally made, it just didn’t fly. Learn 15 different step-by-step designs. Let your inner child come out and play for a little.


UrbanSpoon is great for finding new places to eat. With an entire website supporting this app, the choices are vast. If  you can’t decide what kind of food you are in the mood for, just give your phone a shake, and let the phone decide for you! Don’t like what came up? Spin again! Great way to find new places and give something new a try!

Yes – I know these are only 10 apps for the Iphone. There are probably many more that you already can not live without. You can load any of these top apps on a used apple iphone.

  • Kevin


    I have an I- Phone 3G and i have installed fring on it. but i could not make a voice call through skype on it,, soomeone tell me how it work

  • Kevin


    I have an I- Phone 3G and i have installed fring on it. but i could not make a voice call through skype on it,, soomeone tell me how it work.. help me guys :-(

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