Top 5 essential cell phone accessories

Top 5 essential cell phone accessoriesCell phones: they are our life-lines to the rest of the world. It’s all but impossible to imagine how we ever lived without being able to talk with whomever we want whenever we want. However, your cell phone can be a lot more useful (and cool) if you have the right accessories. Below are our picks for the top five cell phone accessories:

1. Charger.

Not the most glamorous accessory, but your phone is dead without it. If you travel a lot it’s sometime a good idea to have two chargers-one in the “phone” drawer at home and one in your overnight bag.

2. Hard-shell case.

Dropping your cell phone can be disastrous. Not only does a broken phone prevent you from making calls, but there’s all that information you’ve stored on your phone–friends’ phone numbers, images, text messages. It makes sense to give your phone that extra layer of protection with a hard-shell case.

3. Antenna booster.

If you live in the middle of the country or generally struggle with cell phone reception, you know how frustrating it can be standing in your front yard, facing northwest with your arms in the air, trying to get a signal. With an antenna booster, you don’t have to assume all of those yoga positions just to talk on the phone. This cell phone accessory can enhance your signal by up to 500 percent, a life-saver for rural living.

4. Car charger.

For those who drive around a lot for work or take a lot of road trips for vacation, a car charger is an essential piece of equipment. It plugs into your car lighter socket and allows you to recharge the battery on your phone while you’re on the road. If you’ve ever felt the isolation of being on a dark, country road with a dead cell phone battery, you know this is worth the money.

5. Hands-free headset.

With more and more states and communities banning hand-held cell phones while driving, a headset for your phone will soon be the only way to keep talking while you drive. A headset can also be helpful if you use your cell phone for business calls, as it allows you to type or handle papers while you talk on the phone…without crimping your neck.

Cell phone accessories also make great gift items. Once you’ve outfitted yourself with all of the most essential cell phone gear, make sure that your friends have the right stuff, too.


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