Blue Dot's Top 5 Google AppsWhen it comes to technology, smart phones have completely revolutionized the way we use phones in our day to day life. While mobile phones were once used just for making calls on the go, they are now used to play games, read the news, and perform nearly any type of use that you could imagine. With smart phone technology has come over 1 million apps that are now available on the Google Play store. Here are 5 apps from the Google Play store that are absolute must-haves.

1. Shazam

Shazam is an excellent example of an app that will completely amaze anybody who is new to a smart phone. Shazam has the ability to listen for any music with your phones microphone and give you information about the song that is playing. This is perfect for when you hear a song over a store radio, or a song on your car radio that you have to know the name of. The question of “What is the name of this song?” that people have been asking for decades is quickly solved thanks to Shazam. A definite must have.

2. Words With Friends

If you have ever played Scrabble, you will know how to play Words With Friends. Words With Friends is an excellent word game that connects you to a friend or even a random person across the country. The game is passed back and forth as each of you play a word. Games can potentially last days or even weeks. The next time you are sitting in a waiting room, you will likely turn to Words With Friends to quickly pass the time. Very addictive!

3. Instant Heart Rate

Curious on what your heart rate currently is? Consider using Instant Heart Rate. You place your index finger over your smart phone camera and Instant Heart Rate works by using your camera flash to study your index finger and detect your heartbeat based on the change of light. This is great after going for a long walk.

4. Scanner Radio

Have you ever had a police scanner that you liked to listen to? They can be quite interesting to listen to, but they can also set you back $100. Instead of buying a police scanner, you should consider using Scanner Radio. Scanner Radio is an app that contains thousands of police and fire broadcast feeds that you can listen to. Just like that, you can turn your phone into a police scanner!

Sudoku App5. Sudoku Free

Do you love to play Sudoku puzzles? Sudoku puzzles are highly popular and you may be used to paying a few dollars for several hundred puzzles at the grocery store. In reality though, you can play Sudoku for free by using the Sudoku Free app. These puzzles are very addictive and really give your mind a workout!


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