Top 5 Reasons To Get “No Contract” Cell Phones

For the longest time, people’s complaints about their cell phone provider sounded Top 5 Reasons To Get No Contract Cell Phonesunfailingly familiar to their frequent laments about the weather.  To whit:  There is always a lot of complaining, but nothing is ever done beyond the verbal grumbling one hears when the bill gets opened.  That said, those days are changing as people do more than just grumble.  That’s because people are eschewing the traditional costs associated with purchasing a new phone by getting a no contract phone instead.  Here are the top five reasons why consumers are opting to go the no contract route:

1. Get A Better Phone

The truth is that the cost of a new phone can be prohibitively high with the consumer expecting to pay more than a third for a newer model than they will for a used device.  These savings mean that for less the money, the consumer can get quite a bit more phone for their money when they go the no contract route.  As such, the consumer is able to buy a better phone with faster processing speeds than would otherwise be allowed.

2. Avoid Paying Unsubsidized Phone Tax

Standard industry practice means that when you get your new subsidized phone from a major carrier, you are still required to pay an unsubsidized phone tax for the new unit.  In other words, the $600 phone that only cost you $400 to purchase is taxed at the $600 rate when you complete your transaction.

3. New Subsidized Phones Activation Fee

As they say, “nothing in life is free,” and this is nowhere more evident than when you prepare to use your new high-tech toy.  That’s because people who opt for a new phone are typically charged a $35 activation fee by their carrier.  By comparison, people who have gone the “no contract” route merely need to power up their new device and they are ready to start communicating.

4. Excellent Service Without Two Year Commitment

Bringing your own phone to the game gives you added flexibility when it comes to choosing a plan carrier.  That’s because those with their own phone are able to sign up for a regular monthly contract without the onerous requirement that you remain tied to them for the full term of a two-year contract.

5. Freedom of Choice

Unlike the pointless laments about the weather, people have come to realize that they can control their destiny when it comes to getting a great phone without all the restrictions that are placed on its usage by the carrier.  As such, perhaps the biggest reason why people are going for used, unlocked, no contract cell phones is the desire to reclaim their independence from the dictators of the phone company.


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