Top 5 Refurbished Cell Phones

Top 5 refurbished cell phones PhiladelphiaThe decision to go refurbished, when contemplating the purchase of unlocked cell phones, is growing in popularity nearly as fast as the cost of the latest top of the line cellphones.  Buying refurbished is potentially a good idea if you are in the market for a new, pre-loved, phone.  However, prior to making that purchasing determination , the consumer should be aware that not all unlocked cell phones are created equal.

But what is a refurbished phone?

Simply stated, refurbished, unlocked cell phones are phones that were returned to the manufacturer following purchasing.  The reason for the return may be as benign as just wanting a new style to go with their new upgrade, or as serious as having dropped it in the cat box, which caused damage to the device. Regardless of the route to the retailer’s refurbishment table, whether or not your new purchase is a good idea depends in large part on the service it received.

Location, location, location…

Generally speaking, where a phone gets refurbished can have a huge impact on the quality of the phone you receive.  When phones are fixed by the manufacturer, you can trust that that particular technology is well understood and any work will be conducted in accordance with manufacturing guidelines in mind.

Conversely, a phone with an uncertain history of performance and service may prove a  let down after purchasing it.  Still, with a little research and determination, purchasing new unlocked cell phones can be the perfect remedy for you not having  phone issues.  Popular brands that are being refurbished include:

1)      Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy phone is extremely popular among the Android crowd, and numerous recent upgrades make for a large reservoir of available phones for refurbishing.  These facts make for excellent opportunities to obtain a great pre-loved phone.

2)      Motorola Android

More than a 250,000 Motorola Droids rushed off the shelves following its first week of release and a subsequent million more found their way into the eager hands of waiting consumers.  Subsequent upgrades have left a great number of devices in the refurbished market.

3)    LG Android

LG phones are popular items on the unlocked cell phone market for a variety of reasons.  As Samsung’s biggest Korean based competitor, LG phones are operated across a broad spectrum of carriers.  This proliferation of outlets has placed a large number of these phones on the market.

4)      Nokia

As the leading world wide distributors of cell phones from 1998 until 2012, Finnish electronics company Nokia, dominated the cell phone market prior to Samsung’s assumption of that role. The growing popularity of Apple smartphone technology over the past five years however, has led to an influx of Nokia devices in the refurbished market.

5)      BlackBerry

In much the same way that Nokia has found itself losing market shares to Apple’s smartphone technology, so too has Blackberry seen its position threatened by those exact same forces.  Years of dominance and frequent design upgrades leaves them many offerings for the refurbished secondary market.

Blue Dot offerings

The professionals at Blue Dot are experts in refurbishing your pre-loved phone and re-purposing them for future use.  We offer excellent options for getting a great phone at a great price.  Whether you are in the market to buy your next cell phone or you’re looking to sell your last one, The Blue Dot team will get you the best options on a gently used, pre-loved, refurbished phone.


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