Updates From Google For Your Mobile

google_logoThe good people at Google are constantly providing new services and apps for your new or refurbished cell phone. Here are some of there latest developments:

On Jan. 27th, Google sent out a notice proudly announcing that Google Voice is now available for the iPhone and Palm Web OS. Commenting on the benefits of their new advancements, the release stated: “AppCache lets you interact with web apps without a network connection and local databases allow you to store data locally on the device, so you don’t lose data even when you close the browser.”

On Jan. 29th, Google announced that their Popular Image Search for mobile devices running the Android platforms and for the iPhone. To use the feature, simply go to www.google.com and click on the Images link as you would if you were on your computer.

This past Wednesday, Google released something pretty impressive called personalized suggestions and synchronized starring for Google Maps on Android devices. The idea is that a truly “smart” phone would be synchronized with your computer and know exactly what you are trying to do at all times. The scenario is this: You’re on your computer looking for a bookstore in your area. You find one and Google map its location. Now you can either print the information, write it down, or re-look it up from your phone when you get close. With personalized suggestions, your phone will know what you Google mapped on your computer when you open Google maps on your phone, saving you the time of having to re-search it.

Synchronized starring allows you to star multiple locations in Google Maps on your computer, which will then appear when you open Google Maps on your mobile. These features are available in the new 3.4 version of Google Maps.

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