UPS Guy Caught Stealing Fedex Package Red Handed

UPS steals iPad MiniA Vimeo user by the name of  alversae caught a UPS delivery man stealing his daughters Christmas present off their porch using their front door security camera. The Christmas present was an iPad Mini, which was probably easy to surmise by the delivery man from the size of the package and where it was coming from. The video, shown below, shows the Fedex guy find a pre-signed document for delivery, scans the package, and then drop it off. A while later, around 1pm, the UPS driver drops off his own package and sees the Fedex package. He leaves for about a minute, only to return, take a close look and appear to “scan” the device, and then walk off with it.

When Alversae contacted them, UPS denied the claim, only to finally admit to the crime after he posted the video on youtube. UPS has a strict policy when it comes to package theft by firing them, and pursuing criminal charges. Fellow employees are encouraged to report any theft by being rewarded $5,000 for the successful prosecution of thieving UPS employees.  There are a few things we can learn from this event. One thing is to try not to have a pre-signed document for something as expensive as an iPad to be left on your porch. Another thing is to not always trust the people delivering your packages. They are people too, and sometimes, those people aren’t very nice.

A few things people can do to avoid this from happening to them is having a postal box at your local Post Office, or getting an Amazon locker at your local 7-11… if any near you have one. If neither of those are viable options for you, you can have any expensive item shipped to your place of employment. I, for example, get anything expensive shipped here at TheBlueDot, but this can be more difficult for much larger companies. Some companies are so large they have their own mail room, which can cause your package to get lost, or even stolen, by people in these rooms. I would advice only having packages delivered to your workplace if that workplace is a smaller business.

So think twice before getting an expensive item just left on your doorstep! Not everyone, even the folks delivering the item, can be 100% trusted.



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